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    there CANNOT be anyone here in their right mind that can justify the DISGRACEFUL treatment of robbie keane, a LIFELONG liverpool fan... you could see that he was trying every time he was out on the field in the red shirt... here is jose's analysis of the whole saga.... even if it WAS parry who signed keane, and he wasn't part of rafa's plan of playing torres alone up front, torres was out for long periods of time.... why wasn't keane given a fair run of games? did he EVER play 90 min? just when keane, an OBVIOUS confidence player, was about to go on a run - two goals in two games - fatty INEXPLICABLY drops him?? and the BIGGEST thing is if it is enough for kuyt to make the starting eleven due to his work rate (and that's it since he has no skill and is a bag of dogsh|te compared to keane), then why not keane? because rafa is a pig-headed, petty idiot.... he used keane to hit back at parry and continues to play his favourites - kuyt and the other tw/\ts not fit to wear the shirt.... jose for one will not be disappointed if keane is the reason the title is lost on the last day at home.... and the stubborn pie-eater is sacked!!! anyone can see he is just waiting to jump at the real madrid job in the summer.... not signing the contract.... not buying saviola so he is still in madrid when fatty goes there.... it all makes sense... just SACK this fat mercenary who has been riding the success of a magical night in istanbul SIX years ago!! obrigado friends!!!

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    • How dare you call Rafa a small man? I don't think you said the same thing about him at the weekend when you beat Chelsea 2-0. I never liked the guy for a longtime, until this season, and I can sincerely say I admire him now. He's made liverpool fc look solid despite all the mediocre players you've got. Give the guy as much to spend as Fergy and I believe he will deliver similar success, if not better. Would you rather have Scolari instead? Your team's still in the title race big time, and believe it or not, you will lift the premier league trophy come May.

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      • au contraire mon brave......I have a great fear now that as this season progresses to its conclusion Rafa will become smaller and smaller to eventually dissapear up his own orrifice.......too many things have happened since Christmas and with those same fates now decreeing that our perenial saviour Stevie G will spend time on the treatment table coupled with Nando looking set to join him who will Rafa turn to to save his chestnuts now?
        Lucas Levia? Andrea Dossena? Degan? Babel? Kuyt? Pleissis? No .....I fear the Benitez balloon has now burst big time.........but then you never know we could unearth a Keegan or a Fowler or an Owen in the reserves.... but if we did ......would Rafa play him????????

    • Keane did not perform after endless opportunities. Sure, you will blame Benitez, the same way you blame him for the fact that you have a small penis instead of a brain.

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      • fuck off you moron, keane was never given a fair chance and he still played better and scored more goals as kuyt. rafa is a fuckin joke, its just disaster after disaster week after week. mike riley was the main reason we bat chelsea. lucas for worst player of the decade! im with you all the way jose. i cant stand fellow liverpool fans who are afraid to criticise rafa! you cant defend the indefendable, he has to go ASAP!