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    LFC Transfers - The NUMBERS don't Lie!


    Your leader and TOP Yahoo POSTER of all time is back with another WORLD CLASS post for all you fairweather Plastic MUPPETS to choke on following the HUMILIATING Robbie Keane DEBACLE...

    Fools... It's no wonder the owners won't let the WORST wheeler dealer in our clubs HISTORY, Captain Pugwash, hold the Anfield purse strings... yet laughingly reading the recent threads here, you FOOLS still rate him alongside Bob and Bill as a great manager!!

    Here's a reality check i like to call.. the TRUTH...

    Keane - cost :- 20 million
    sold for :- 12 million

    Bellamy - cost :- 8 million
    sold for:- 7million
    (then sold on by WHU for a whopping 14 million to Citeh!)

    Garcia - cost: - 6 million
    sold for:- 4 million

    Morientes - cost :- 7 million
    sold for :- 3 million

    Pennant - cost:- 8 million
    sold for :- FREE (if Pompey want him as a free agent)

    Torres - cost :- 27 million
    current value :- 18 million trophies won for us = NONE!

    Total LOSS = a STAGGERING 23 MILLION on these players alone... plus the 27 yet to be JUSTIFIED on injury plagued one season wonder Torres who is looking VERY shaky this season.

    Truly SHOCKING isn't it MUPPETS. and that's not even including ridiculous fees and wages wasted on SLUGS like
    Kuyt (10 mili!), Babel (11 mill)!, Arbeloa, Sissoko, Aurellio, Degen etc etc etc

    Oh and then there is Dossena 8 million... a club record for a defender!!!!

    I wouldn't trust fat Zorro with a piggy bank let alone the entire transfer budget of LFC!

    Would YOU?

    Digest and........ DISCUSS!

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    • According to your profile, you've only posted 20 times

      Top poster my hole, how is life at ot?

    • Eric, if you can't understand the point from plain English, dispite repeated explainations, really not sure its worth my while going back once again. If you don't get it, just move on.

      As for the moderator, I'll leave you too it there mate. Hate to get in between two friends.

    • Why should I care if WHU get a percentage of any forward transfer? So what?

      And where were my facts wrong? Please correct me if you can?

      Taxi for Captain Quack ...

    • Perhaps your post should be directed at The Moderator as he is trying to make out United is a feeder club.

      And you say "but that fact you bought them from what most would call lesser clubs. THEY FEED YOU!" - so what really was the point of your original post, other than stating the bleeding obvious?

    • Eric, I was trying to be polite, but got to say mate you really are thick arn't you? I mean I give Man U a compliment and you can't even see it. YOUR NOT A FEEDER CLUB, YOU BUY FROM FEEDER CLUBS.

      Please don't make me do the caps again, its really annoying, but really trying to make you understand what I was saying. I really don't care where Carrick or Rio were bought from (although should note they are both products of the West Ham academy I believe), but that fact you bought them from what most would call lesser clubs. THEY FEED YOU!.

      Sorry promised I'd not do the caps again, but thought you might not be paying attention.

      Now, do you get it now, or do we need to have a nice quiet sit down while you think about it. But, if after that your still not sure, think the scousers are making fun of you all the time, and find every word offensive, you might want to consult proffessional help. Being that paranoid really is not healthy.


    • Pwned my arse. Yet again a Bin Dipper disposed of with real facts.

    • Carrick from Tottenham, Rio from Leeds.

      Liverpool has bought:
      3 players from WHU - Dicks, Ruddock, Benayoun
      2 from Everton - Barmby & Xavier

      These are all classy buys, aren't they!?

      And talking of feeder clubs, Liverpool has supplied 9 to WHU, 7 to Villa, 6 to Leeds, 6 to Spurs and 5 to Blackburn.

      You've also supplied 3 to Real Madrid so why all this crap about United being Real's feeder club?

      And I'm failing to understand your point, unless it's that United seems to pay a lot for players they could have much cheaper if they'd gone to the player's original club. So what, why do you care?

      Actually, Liverpool has a net outlay of £190m vs United's £210m since SAF came, and United's return is infinitely better, wouldn't you say.

      So what was your point, again? Be very careful knocking United's transfer policy; look at your own first.

    • First things first - thank you paisley for holding a civil tongue for your latest post......it sounds so much better when you talk with a bit of dignity and hey you might just engage people in a more structured debate....after all I do believe that is what you are looking for. PS I am rarely wrong...but not absolutely perfect either.

      The problem with instant success is that is not sustainable. What you will see as Chelsea slide back to where they originated from (mid table at best) is their fans turn against Roman, turn against the team etc because they expect success now, each and every season. The problem is they cant manage it by deposing managers left right and centre. Scolari will be gone in the summer!

      The reason Mourinho went was because the henchman above wanted Chelsea to play pretty, attractive, attacking football week in week out. Mourinho on the other hand wanted to win and knew that to win you cant concede goals.

      Dsteer is also right - Mourinho and Capello inherited assembled sides and where there were gaps they with filled using the rather deep pockets of the club. Unfortunately Rafa doesnt have sugar daddies like they do at chelsea and real.

      To be fair to both candidates who you state raised the bar, it is very simple to see why they achieved instant success....Mourinho spent 70mill on players in the summer before he won the title for the first time.

      I for one am looking for sustained success that allows us to win the premiership year after year. I dont want to win it one year and then be 4th the next.

      Ferguson has done it, Wenger has done and Rafa will do it.

      Mark my words.

    • Either you've turned over a new leaf, or I should believe you that the posts under this ID over the last several months have been a faker. Still don't agree with you on all counts, but the level of debate has risen.

      But, to the content here. I think your words on managers getting sacked so much more often, and even the facts on Houllier actually strengthen the argument that we should have a little patience with a manager if you want longer term success. Only by building that foundation can you really have success on the pitch, and carry that forward, season over season.

      Yes managers like Mouriho and Capello have come in and had what looks like instant success, but is that the whole story? Breaking it all down, what does it take to win in Football? IMO, its strong management, and a strong squad, combined into a singarly focused entity. You can change the manager to get the right one overnight, but can you build the squad overnight? Lets be honest Chelsea and Real both had superior squads when Mourinho and Capello arrived. They also had very large funds to fill in any gaps. Neither of these is true of Rafa, or most managers when they take up a new post. In many ways your statement of Rafa only won the CL with Houllier's team, could as easily be leveled at either Chelsea or Real, as the manager took pretty much the squad he had inherrited and showed them how to be successful.

      Now maybe your right about Rafa, and he's not the man to bring us a title, or continued success. But unless you think he had a championship squad when he arrived (which I assume you don't based on your comments on Houllier) and then blew it, or your willing to give him a near limitless transfer funding to go buy his squad from scratch, only time will tell.

      For some time maybe up, but since it took SAF 5 years, and Rafa himself said it will take 5 years to be competitive for the title, I recon this is the season to judge. If we are competitive, by which I mean either winning the title, or at least fighting to the end, then I'd say we have to give Rafa the benefit of the doubt here.

    • No need to be sorry Pikey.. we are used to you talking out of your backside and being WRONG.

      First up you are absolutely correct about Fergie taking five years to build his side but that is the whole POINT. You are talking ancient history and those days are long GONE.

      Mourinho, Capello and a select few others have raised the bar. Everyone now DEMANDS instant success...except at LFC it seems! I said it years ago - Liverpool and the 'fans' are used to MEDIOCRITY - they accept it. They are happy for cr@p managers like Houllier and Rafa to stay on for years and achieve NOTHING. A few trophies here and there at best.

      Look at the clowns on here - they want players sold after one bad game. They want managers sacked after three bad results. Then they want them to stay after one decent result. FICKLE fools one and all. LOOK at the amount of managers that get sacked now.. even Mourinho got stabbed in the back at Chavski.

      There will never be another Fergie or Shankly given time to build unless there is INSTANT success and even then the poachers will come in. You don't think Martin O'Neill will still be at Villa in five years do you
      No chance.


      Your leader is back... the bar here is raised again.. Listen and LEARN from the PROVEN Master. All of you!


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