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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 3, 2009 23:59 Flag

    LFC Transfers - The NUMBERS don't Lie!

    Which EPL title contender (any year) made a profit by transferring players?

    Did you post a similar post in the chelski, manure or francenal board? No!

    Why? Because you hate Liverpool, and you enjoy the slightest opportunity to throw a punch at the club you claim to support. Who are you trying to fool fvcking moron?

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    • The NUMBERS don't lie. But you fail to see what they MEAN.

      They mean that Rafa doesn't hold onto dead wood. If it isn't working he makes a change. If he can't get the best out of a player, and they are incompatible with the club, he moves them out. YES that often means a loss.

      HOWEVER all the players that would have gained in value, are still AT THE CLUB. So its impossible to work out his NET dealings.

      Torres 20.3 million, a conservative estimate would set his worth at nearer 32m now. Gerrard, cost nothing, worth (i'd say priceless) lets say 25m because of his age. Masch, probably worth 25m now, Skrtel at 12m, Agger the same if we could sort his contract (which is the clubs fault), Arbeloa is 8m of anyone's money, and the list goes on.

      Bellamy was bought for 8m (which I'm sure you have wrong), but quite canny of Rafa considering what City have just paid??

      As ever.....you are claiming to speak the TRUTH, when you wouldn't know the turuth if it bit you in the arse....

      You've been sideshow'd again!! Bow down Bitch!!!

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      • Oh look, first Pikey then as if by magic, *poof*, freakshow shows up... same person or two half-wits sharing half a brain each?....

        Where do we start with this CLOWN..
        Skrtel is worth 12 million? ahahahahahaha
        Arbeloa is worth 8 MILLION of anyones money PMSL
        Mascherano 25!!!!!! hahaha
        clearly he's talking in RUPEES here! Talk about deluded. Next he'll be telling us KEANE is worth 30 million!

        Bellamy - "but quite canny of Rafa considering what City have just paid?" Yes very clever to LOSE two million on a player when if you'd waited, you could've made a 7 MILLION profit on him instead. hahaha you can't buy stupidity like his kop-ites!

        Then this CLASSIC.
        "They mean that Rafa doesn't hold onto dead wood. If it isn't working he makes a change."

        It NEVER works freakshow and HE is the loser who brings in this deadwood in the first place. The key - as with ManUre, is too build a great squad and KEEP it together and winning TROPHIES and TITLES. Fool! Not bringing in shyte and then offloading it at half price! That's how you go BANKRUPT fool.

        Further to this, by your biased, skewed idiotic logic WHY are KUYT, BABEL, AURELLIO and the most expensive and worst LFC left back EVER Dosenna still at the club then?...........

        ..... Same story as Sissoko, Leto and Gonzales etc (who EVERYONE but YOU and the rest of the idiots here knew were shyte) if you are a Rafa Favourite you get too stay WELL past your sell-by date however BAD you are....... FACT!

        What a complete embarrassment morons like YOU are to LFC!

        now who's been sideshowed? cretin


    • hey welcome back sean where you been?