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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Feb 4, 2009 05:50 Flag

    Worse off, or better off from last season

    Point taken, its more about the potential missed opportunity that measuring where we are against last season. I see the point, but think we've got to stop worrying what the Mancs or anyone else does. Fact is, other than the meeting at OT in March, what the Mancs do is irrelivant. Its about what we do from here on out.

    You might be right on the point of do we have enough steam left, but one thing to think about. If we can just match our results from here to the end to those we had last season, and the Mancs do the same, then the title will be ours. Fact is we were the best performing club during the last 3rd (in fact we were the best performing club by points throughout the 2008 calendar year). This time last season we were in danger of being overtaken by Everton and falling to 5th, so got to at least feel a little optimistic we got something left in the tank for a strong run in.

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    • Let´s hope we can continue the form we showed against Chelsea and, most importantly now, keep the likes of Alonso, Gerrard, Torres, Benayoun free from injuries. If any of the latter three go awol, we are certainly looking thin on the ground attackwise. Babel, Ngog have shown they are not yet a serious threat to opposing teams so, fingers crossed. Kuyt ain´t an option as an out and out striker in my opinion.

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      • It's about time that people agree with me that Benayoun is a major influence on the team when he plays...I think it was Dsteer who thought Benayoun wasn't as good as the other players available. Anyways it's good that Rafa has finally shown some faith in him.

      • I can't believe this is even a debate...Liverpool are definitely better than last season. They got me sweating when they were at the top for the longest period in my own premiership history. Well it didn't last but you guys are only 2 points behind us and that game in hand isn't a definite 3 points in the bag.