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  • RonJ RonJ Feb 4, 2009 18:58 Flag

    Worse off, or better off from last season

    this is a funny one to answer....at least for me. On the Park and in terms of our League position we are undoubtedly better off than last season. I also think our squad now bears comparison with any other out of the top 4. Where I feel down, however, is our failure to regularly take 3 points off the little clubs and also rans particularly at Anfield which is embarrising to say the least. I dont know if my mind is playing tricks but I think that this is the worst year since Rafa arrived that we have got stuck with so many home draws which in terms of possession should have been 3 pointers. I dont think many teams will beat us this year but I also fear the final analysis to our season will be "so near and yet so far". I just hope and pray that the Manager will come out of his Bunker and encourage the team to go for it.....fortune favours the brave........attack....attack.....attack attack attack was one of the Kops chants in the good old days!
    Where I think we really are getting worse off this season is off the Park and in the Boardroom and I fear this is going to have a really debilitating effect on the Club in the long term if its not sorted soon. Gillette, Hicks, Parry and Rafa too are playing a game of power politics and trying to score points off'n one another which is a very bad bit of nonsence when we all should be focused on striving for that elusive EPL title that we are still within striking distance of. If you want to squabble children, then leave it to the close season please. Then I hope it will be a case of Hicks and Gillette sell up, Parry Ship out, and (if Rafa stays) Rafa get off your high horse, keep your dummy in the pram and learn to treat honourably with people 'cos you're not God yet. There can only be one winner in this game and that definitely has got to be the Club.

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    • Good points Ronald.

      To be fair the draws are a hindrance of course, but other top four sides have struggled to break down teams on their own patch. Utd have probably faired better, but there 1-0's still gain them three points as opposed to our 1 point.

      On the matter of off the field issues, you are spot on. For too long now the laundry has been washed in full view, which never happened before the current leaders at the club got involved.

      The last time we had a double act in charge it didnt work out and Roy Evans fell on his sword. Moving forward the stability of the club will provide the foundation for years of success, if that means that one of the yanks has to go or both then so be it. I would also like to see someone else in the Chief Executives chair. As for Rafa, if left to do the job in the same vein as Fergie, he will get us there in the same way Fergie delivered success at OT.

    • Ron, don't know if your right on the statistics on the home draws, as we had the same problem last season, although it seems worse to me this season as the draws have cost us first place, rather than putting us in a fight for 4th. The only silver lining is that no team has a perfect record against the also rans. When you take a look at the bottom half of the table you see them packed together which leads me to believe the quality of those teams has really improved, which has led to many an upset. This leads me to believe that there will be more upsets to come, which could mean either dissapointment for us, or opportunity for us. Lets hope the latter.

      On the owners and the public tug of war, think your spot on. At this point I don't care if its DIC, or the owners patching things up and getting a loan extension. But what I really want is a bit of stability, and no more excuses. If that means new owners, or a new chief executive, then so be it. But to win the league the lads need not just quality on the pitch, but a well oiled machine behind them, which means a well functioning club.