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  • Paul J Paul J Feb 4, 2009 19:48 Flag

    Worse off, or better off from last season

    Good points Ronald.

    To be fair the draws are a hindrance of course, but other top four sides have struggled to break down teams on their own patch. Utd have probably faired better, but there 1-0's still gain them three points as opposed to our 1 point.

    On the matter of off the field issues, you are spot on. For too long now the laundry has been washed in full view, which never happened before the current leaders at the club got involved.

    The last time we had a double act in charge it didnt work out and Roy Evans fell on his sword. Moving forward the stability of the club will provide the foundation for years of success, if that means that one of the yanks has to go or both then so be it. I would also like to see someone else in the Chief Executives chair. As for Rafa, if left to do the job in the same vein as Fergie, he will get us there in the same way Fergie delivered success at OT.