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  • lfcmob lfcmob Feb 5, 2009 00:18 Flag

    Worse off, or better off from last season

    D as a point of interest in Rafa's time we have at home:-

    04/05 drew 4 lost 3 (17 points)
    05/06 drew 3 lost 1 (9 points)
    06/07 drew 4 lost 1 (11 points)
    07/08 drew 6 lost 1 (15 points)
    08/09 so far drawn 5 and lost none (10 points) with 7 games left.

    Whilst I don't agree with every decision Rafa has made we are a better team 1-11 than 5 years ago but the squad depth is still not good enough.

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    • any idea how many of those draws last season were in the first half of the season? Like I was telling Ron, while I don't think we are any worse off in the draw department from last season, it may feel that way as we look at through the lens of falling out of first place, or a feeling of an opportunity missed. It may also be the fact we've beaten the top teams this season, that we would have likely drawn wth last season, but drawn to many matches most think we should have won.

      I remember we really were out of it last season at this point, with for me the loss at Reading being the turning point for me. But I also remember a tremendous run from late Feb through the end of the season. This secured 4th from Everton, and really pushed Arsenal for 3rd.