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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Feb 4, 2009 02:13 Flag

    Worse off, or better off from last season

    Serious question lads, so lets try not let this one degrade into a slagging match.

    Its a simple question, are we worse or better off right now, than this point last season. And, why.

    Remember, we have collected more points, are in second instead of 4th, and still in the hunt for the title being only 2 points off the pace (admittidly having played one extra match), while last season at this stage Everton were looking serious about mounting a challenge for the final CL place (although they fizzled).

    But, from the tone on here, it sounds like many think the sky is falling, so I want to know why?

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    • Hi D yes we must be happier than last season on paper. What grieves everyone or most is where we could be with draws made in to wins. After Sunday victory all be it LATE it leans towards an increase in optimism but, we are looking a bit thin on the ground attack wise. Will the United machine splutter again this season and do we have fitness levels to continue to the end. Rafa's rotation made us strong on previous run in's will this be the case this season or has he not rotated enough ?

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      • Point taken, its more about the potential missed opportunity that measuring where we are against last season. I see the point, but think we've got to stop worrying what the Mancs or anyone else does. Fact is, other than the meeting at OT in March, what the Mancs do is irrelivant. Its about what we do from here on out.

        You might be right on the point of do we have enough steam left, but one thing to think about. If we can just match our results from here to the end to those we had last season, and the Mancs do the same, then the title will be ours. Fact is we were the best performing club during the last 3rd (in fact we were the best performing club by points throughout the 2008 calendar year). This time last season we were in danger of being overtaken by Everton and falling to 5th, so got to at least feel a little optimistic we got something left in the tank for a strong run in.

    • Dsteer,

      I'm pleased with where we are in comparison to last year - disappointed that we had a January, but it is no different to Man Utds poor start to the season.

      Sundays game against Chelsea will improve the confidence in the team and the selling of Keane may just galvanise the team that bit more and give those players who arent pulling there weight that there is no longer a hiding place.

      I'm optimisitic that for the remainder of the season we can now match Man Utd point for point and go to Old Trafford and come away with three points. They will falter at some point they always do and as long as we have the belief, i'm confident of our chances. Both teams have big matches to play still so anything can still happen.

      At the very least the team has remained in contention for the majority of the season, which is an improvement on last season in itself.

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      • this is a funny one to answer....at least for me. On the Park and in terms of our League position we are undoubtedly better off than last season. I also think our squad now bears comparison with any other out of the top 4. Where I feel down, however, is our failure to regularly take 3 points off the little clubs and also rans particularly at Anfield which is embarrising to say the least. I dont know if my mind is playing tricks but I think that this is the worst year since Rafa arrived that we have got stuck with so many home draws which in terms of possession should have been 3 pointers. I dont think many teams will beat us this year but I also fear the final analysis to our season will be "so near and yet so far". I just hope and pray that the Manager will come out of his Bunker and encourage the team to go for it.....fortune favours the brave........attack....attack.....attack attack attack was one of the Kops chants in the good old days!
        Where I think we really are getting worse off this season is off the Park and in the Boardroom and I fear this is going to have a really debilitating effect on the Club in the long term if its not sorted soon. Gillette, Hicks, Parry and Rafa too are playing a game of power politics and trying to score points off'n one another which is a very bad bit of nonsence when we all should be focused on striving for that elusive EPL title that we are still within striking distance of. If you want to squabble children, then leave it to the close season please. Then I hope it will be a case of Hicks and Gillette sell up, Parry Ship out, and (if Rafa stays) Rafa get off your high horse, keep your dummy in the pram and learn to treat honourably with people 'cos you're not God yet. There can only be one winner in this game and that definitely has got to be the Club.

    • Yep our last home draw was on the 21-01-2008 against Villa we then had 8 straight wins at home.

      But we only picked up 13 out of 27 points on the road in the 2nd half of the season.