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  • Steve Steve Feb 5, 2009 06:48 Flag

    Lucas - WHY DO WE PLAY HIM????

    Sent off today.....gave up penalty vs. Wigan for them to draw again....is Javier M. really getting out-played by Lucas???.....all Lucas does is foul and give the ball away...I saw one, maybe two descent passes from him, but he doesn't contribute very well except for professional fouls when needed....

    Your thoughts???.....

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    • Balanced view or all out for and against, there are some good posters on this board. Variety is, after all, the spice of life. The foregoing posts are typical examples of what I´m talking about. What cheeses me off, and you guys too probably, is the way in which many visitors and sadly some LFC contributors can turn any sensible post into an ignorant, foul mouthed, unintelligent and totally boring slanging match within minutes. Keep the good stuff coming guys! Finally, those LFC contributors who rush to rise to the provocative bait, do us a favour and don´t please!!

    • well said BillB, spot on about everything and you even managed to do it without even a curse word!

      RAFA OUT!! and he can take lucas with him!

    • To be honest Colin, while I respect your position, I just can't agree. Overall I still think Rafa has done a good job, and is our best hope of pushing on to a league title, eihter this year, or very very soon. I maybe becoming a minority in this view, but so be it.

      I don't take that view off just a good win like against Chelsea, nor should anyone take the counter view becasue of a poor result against Everton or Wigan. Instead I try to take a longer view of how much we've improved either from last season to this, or from the beginning of Rafa's tenure to now.

      I don't know how many fans, if they were really honest with themselves back in August thought we could win the title this year. Of course we all wanted, but did we really think this was the year? But know it seems like its the title or its time to begin from scratch again.

      However on your other point of getting Kenny more involved, I do agree. The more involvement from ex players, especially those that all players, no matter where they come from, are going to look up to because of how great they were, the better. This involvement obviously helps the local lads who know all too well the Liverpool history, but also the foreign lads. It shows them that Liverpool is a real club. That is, its a family, and not just somewhere to hang your hat for a couple years while your employed.

    • Bill B ...dsteer...like u posts but surely we must all agree on the fact that its BENITEZ who is being paid a small fortune for making what by now surely a vast majority of the supporters think is a pigs-ear of his job what with the defensive hold-position formations the lack of intelligent running OFF the ball to give the player in possession the maximum options for distribution, his hideous record in the transfer market pointed out innumerable times by intelligent posts. Add to this his usual incomprehensible manner of making substitutions ? What is there to say in favour of not getting him down the road now and handing over to Sammy Lee for therest of the season ?
      Yeah I know we just beat Chelski but so what u cant chop and change u view in such a manic fashion based on whether we just lost or won... I think we have gone as far as we can with this guy he cant inspire the players hes lost the plot so...down the road he should go. Appoint Sammy let Gerrard work with him see how King Kenny FEELS ABOUT GETTING ON BOARD WITH THEM. aNY thoughts?

    • Bill, I'm not going to lay into that, or anything else. It is all about opinion, an to be honest I really don't think there is anything wrong in trying to be reasonable. If that is you mean try to get a balanced view, rather than swinging one way then the other depending on the result.

      For example, Kuyt scores a few goals early, he's back on top of the world. He misses a couple and he becomes a useless.

      Babel was the great hope last year. This year he's hardly played but he's a lazy player we need to sell. Maybe Rafa has not played him much because he has not progressed as much as he'd hoped in one year. Most of his apprereances have come off the bench very late in games, where his one consistent skill might have an impact, the fact the lad has real pace.

      Lucas, first he's useless, then he's the great kid after the Toon match, now we can't ship him out fast enough.

      And, lastly Keane. He was a the quality striker back in August, then he started missing some real sitters. Come, think back and how many that your aunt Midred could have knocked in, did he miss. Yes he also scored a couple, but if not consistent then he does not deserve to be in the starting 11. And, if he's going to be on the bench, but having a 20M striker on the bench is disrupting, then selling him might have been a better option.

      But, at least your one of the few who've stood up for Dossena here. Personally I think he's been awful, but thought he deserved at least a season to see if he'd settle in. Most treated him like Dengen, who dispite only apprearing in a single match, most of concluded that he's not worth the transfer fee (which was free btw).

      I don't have a problem with people having a different opinion than mine. Some things in my mind won't change, but many I'm open to a good argument, as I like to think about all sides before coming to a conclusion. That's me, while others rush in. That's fine, although I wish people would stop and think first.

    • d_steer

      You are entitled to your opinion - as is everyone else on the board - but you just seem to try and be overly 'reasonable' in every post you make.

      Lucas is rubbish. He learns nothing from one match to the next.
      Babel is rubbish. He is lazy and arrogant.

      Benitez will blatently go against any 'reasonable' advice or views expressed by the supporters/media/pundits.
      ie He has sold a recognised goalscorer and has no 'reasonable' backup (N'gog, Babel, Kuyt)

      Benitez does not have a 'best side' - he may be picking his formations with 'bingo balls' for all we know.

      Benitez blames our results or performances on everything but himself or the players he picks (referees, 'crazy' games, other managers/teams tactics)

      Keane was absolutely ruined by Benitez - yes he had a slow start, but did score a couple of goals then was promptly dropped.
      Dossena was not liked either but started to play himself in - then was dropped.
      Aurelio had a good game against Chelsea - then was dropped.
      ...same with Masch/Lucas...

      Instead of constantly defending / attacking Benitez it would be great if we all had a balanced view - but we don't.

      ps I hate the way we play too - we're too narrow and totally uninspiring to watch...

      There you go - lay into that...

    • Simp, just explain to the bigger picture to us. I get it you don't like Rafa, I get it you don't like Lucas, as well as a number of other players. So explain how Robbie Keane solves this?

      Lucas played to rest Masch. What different option would you have selected? Plessi maybe?

      Or maybe you think if we had Robbie Keane still he'd play behind Torres, and it would have been Gerrard and Alonso in central midfield?

      Well as it turns out that is not likely to have worked out well if you think it through. One Keane is not scoring, so you limit the attack and the effectivness of Torres, as the pair obviously never developed the chemistry Torres and Gerrard have. Second, when Gerrard get injured your back to square one, its either throw on Masch, or throw on Lucas (of course assuming your not a Plessi fan). So tell me how your tactics fair better than Rafa's?

    • He looks like Barry Manilow, he plays like Barry Manilow.

      Apparently Olympiacos wanted him for 8 mil some time ago, so lets snatch their hand off and get Michael Johnson from City as a replacement.

      Too one paced, gives away the ball to much, can't shoot, what has the f*cker got going for him? Apparently he is dynamite in training, but what does that matter if you don't take it on to the pitch?

      Get rid of him Rafa!

    • i agree lucas is shite he really is he must have his head up benetiz arse

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      • Right.....for a start this is a 22 yr old kid, who is one of our players. Lets talk about the good things he does first...he has an eye for a pass, good control, and a wonderful engine (he runs around like a duracell bunny on speed). These are what Rafa sees in him. What he is though, is tactically undisciplined. He likes a tackle and is very abrasive when hunting the ball down, and referee's don't like it. He hasn't quite learnt that sometimes you CAN'T win the ball, and you have to pressure the player and accept that.

        I remember Gerrard (and I'm not comparing the two directly) at 22, receiving sendings off for awful tackles (in derby's too coincidentally).

        Lucas is a squad player, and is in no way bad back up to Alonso, Mascherano, Gerrard and so on. He's a better player than Spearing, Plessis, and for example Sissoko. (I'm not sure he's that much better than Guthrie though, a player it was a mistake to let leave) The players he has been up against within the squad. He is learning his trade still though.

        I'm by nomeans defending him. He has cost us points, and now an Fa Cup QF vs Villa, as we would have won that game with 11 men I am sure. Its a steep learning curve, so lets hope he learns fast, and getting on his back (if any of you go to the games) won't help!

    • I am agree with you 100%.Rafa Benitez is stupid.Still want to played lucas along alonso.Why not mashcerano played.Lucas cannot played football.He is stupid.Sell him is the right decision not robbie keane.Benitez also must to be terminate from liverpool coach.Take mourinho as liverpool coach.If benitez still a liverpool coach,liverpool cannot be EPL Champion,200% surely.......

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