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  • OldBill OldBill Feb 6, 2009 00:50 Flag

    Lucas - WHY DO WE PLAY HIM????


    You are entitled to your opinion - as is everyone else on the board - but you just seem to try and be overly 'reasonable' in every post you make.

    Lucas is rubbish. He learns nothing from one match to the next.
    Babel is rubbish. He is lazy and arrogant.

    Benitez will blatently go against any 'reasonable' advice or views expressed by the supporters/media/pundits.
    ie He has sold a recognised goalscorer and has no 'reasonable' backup (N'gog, Babel, Kuyt)

    Benitez does not have a 'best side' - he may be picking his formations with 'bingo balls' for all we know.

    Benitez blames our results or performances on everything but himself or the players he picks (referees, 'crazy' games, other managers/teams tactics)

    Keane was absolutely ruined by Benitez - yes he had a slow start, but did score a couple of goals then was promptly dropped.
    Dossena was not liked either but started to play himself in - then was dropped.
    Aurelio had a good game against Chelsea - then was dropped.
    ...same with Masch/Lucas...

    Instead of constantly defending / attacking Benitez it would be great if we all had a balanced view - but we don't.

    ps I hate the way we play too - we're too narrow and totally uninspiring to watch...

    There you go - lay into that...