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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 8, 2009 06:35 Flag

    To the anti Rafa Brigade on here

    'Now I'll admit the formation threw me'
    Dsteer, you're a respectful poster and deserve it in return. But how many times this season can you say the above about one of Rafa's team selections? Or his substitutions? And yet to seem to dismiss it so easily without the slightest concern about how it might undermine our season.
    Fact is, more often than not he does things that simply baffle not just LFC fans, but pretty much everyone. Is there another manager in the league who would start a game with 6 defenders, 3 of them in midfield? It's nuts. Noone knows or understands what he's trying to do.
    Fans like you who back the team and the manager no matter what are to be respected. But to have a go at those who struggle to blindly accept the indecipherable is just a wee bit harsh. Maybe some fans care about HOW their team actually plays the game.
    I respect your stance. Hope you can do likewise to those who hold a slightly different view to yours.

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    • Bruce, I don't have a problem with those who've given up on Rafa. I don't agree, but its all about opinion here, and we've all got one, so fair enough.

      But, I came on here an hour after the final whistle and saw posts written, some before kick off, some during the match, and some at half time, most of which laid into Rafa with glee. What happend to getting behind the team when they play?

      Its one thing to see the wind up artists on here, but to see so called reds almost delight that rafa might have screwed up again, went just a little far for me. After the match, or down the pub fine, but never while the lads are still fighting the battle.

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      • Think you're referring to Pombal and some of his aliases, who like you say are waiting for Rafa to foul up just so they can come on here and crow that they told the board so!
        They seem to care more about how they are perceived on here than they do about the welfare of LFC. If Rafa succeeds, they'll probably be miserable because they'll be proven wrong on here.
        But these clowns on ignore. The boards are that much more readable for it.
        As for today, Rafa got out of jail big time in my view. I understand some players would be feeling the effects of Wednesday night, but that starting line up was one of the most un-balanced (and radically adjusted) that I think I've seen under Rafa's tenure.
        Where were the goals going to come from with 6 defenders out there from the start?
        Rafa is a meddler. More often than not, he does the unexpected. Some think he's being clever, I'm not one of them. Those subs saved his bacon today.