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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 8, 2009 08:55 Flag

    To the anti Rafa Brigade on here

    Liverpool are in a much better position to challenge for the title than they have been in past seasons, so one has to give the man some credit....Wether or not the team can last the distance remains to be seen, but it should be an interesting run in.

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    • Guys, whilst it´s good to see you defend the club and team and manager against the wingers, I think you are missing the point somewhat. What is being said by the responsible anti Rafa brigade is valid when you compare his management with those of say Moyes, Brown, Redknap, O´Neils etc. Squad for squad, they have inferior individually talented players to work with but still manage to produce attractive, balanced and spirited team performances. When the pundits, professional players and match comentators and football writers alike confess themselves mystified by Rafa´s selections, substitutions and approach, then I think the body of evidence that he is a tinkerer with weird egotistical ideas is pretty substantial. All I am saying is that he is not getting the best out of the boys week in week out and that is the manager´s job! Sure, I´ll agree we have managed to scrape our way to where we are at the moment, but we could be further ahead with a better coach. Or is that being "disloyal"?

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      • Miguel the point of my post is not about if you like Rafa or not. There are plenty on both sides of the fence here. Some are just wind up's or fake id's but some are regular's, reds, and have a legitimate position. But, what I found offensive is the spouting off, while the match was still in the balance. I do not mean to offend, but that in my book was bang out of order.

      • Well said Miguel ! Ive been red for fifty five years and red till Im dead BUT its not only results I care about but the kind of football and team performance that leads to those results. Sometimes it seems many of the fans are only interested in where we are in the league positions irrespective of the fact that its often only luck that got us thus far...its a short sighted approach. We didnt dominate English football for thirty years and become a dynasty on the type of hold-position defense minded dross Benitez is serving up week in week out.
        Benitez isbeing paid a small fortune as a tactician to come up with a strategy to beat inferior opposition who come to Anfield and put up a massed defense plenty of men permanently behind the ball...and he THE MASTER TACTICIAN cant figure out despite having an extremely talented squad at his disposal how to get around such a problem. Many of the posts Ive read here seem intelligent and pose tactics to unlock such opposition defences but are often derided by the IN RAFA WE TRUST BRIGADE simply because they do not have a track record themselves as a top football manager ? Again I say it isnt the squad that is at fault but the outmoded tactics of the manager and the fact that he is too stubborn to EVER admit HE might have maybe made a mistake or two. Get rid of him now and appoint Sammy Lee and let Gerrard work along side him and in the mean time see if we cant persuade King Kenny to come on board in some capacity and maybe we will once again be treated to the kind of football that not only thrilled ardent Liverpool supporters but neutral fans all over the world.