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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Feb 8, 2009 06:27 Flag

    To the anti Rafa Brigade on here

    Got to say I'm really ashamed of you lot if you really are reds. While having an opinion about rafa different from mine is one thing, jumping on here before the final whistle of blown just to express your simple ideas is quite another.

    Anyone who thought Rafa would name his strongest team after most of those lads played 120 minutes just 3 days ago obviously shows you know little about sport, let alone football. Expecting peak performance with that little rest is just not possible.

    As for those ranting on why Torres did not start, sit down and think a minute will you. He came off early on Wednesday because he was obviously knackered. I could tell that, without the benefit of sports medicine that I'm sure the club employed this week. He's a couple weeks back from hamstring problems, so you really think its a good idea to play him from the start on a cold night after just a couple days rest? If it was a cup final maybe, but against Pompy, give it a rest.

    Now I'll admit the formation threw me. But for a crowd critical of Rafa for not employing attacking tactics, why do you hate the idea of a 3 man back line, and throwing bodies up front? I'm sure Rafa knowing how well Pompy has done lately it was worth the risk, and might help make up for the lack of spark in the midfield due to Gerrards abscense.

    As it turned out, not a bad call. The score in fact flattered Pompy. First goal was off-side. We again dominated the play, and had a perfectly good goal disallowed.

    Now if the anti reds want to rant, let me at least give you some ideas based on football, as I'll even admit we not perfect. Babel, looked lively, but puts himself in blind ally's to many times, and no need to mention the miss in front of goal. In fact reminded me of Keane on more than one occasion.

    Second, yet again we've been found lacking defending set plays. This is an area we need to work on. Its the most important weapon lesser teams have, and its our biggest weakness. I don't blame the zone marking, but an obvous lack of disipline, or maybe a lack of understanding of assignments. Eitherway, it needs to be addressed.

    Now feel free to blast if you like. But just remember, currently sitting top, and today was the type of performance that gives a side hope. They dug in, found character, and did what it takes to get 3 points. That is what championship sides do.


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    • I think Rafa has brought the club forward big style, but he has heaped the pressure on his shoulders by winning the champions league, Houllier done the same with the treble, then he went a bit mad took a heart attack and blew it. The fans "us" didn't help. A manager needs time to make his mark, and Rafa's done ok so far. Rome wasn't built in a day!. YNWA

      Ps/ Gerrerd houllier all the best!

    • Too true, they've been bleating all season that we havn't a chance and that we're sh1t. But it says something when they spend more time on here then their own board.

      The fact is that we've basically improved in the league every season Rafa has been here, the question is "is it gonna be enough for this season?"....i'm sure we'll find out in May.

    • we really need both Skirtel and Agger for the future 'cos they are both quality players.....and its not as though the are same type......Skirtel is a tough no nonsense and uncompremising defender whilst Agger is good in the air, good at bringing the ball out of defence and with a strong shot when he's in sight of goal. Latter Day Hansen and Laurenceson duo???? maybe. But alas I too think he'll walk come summer. Robbie Keane, Peter Crouch and I dont know how you get Benitez to select you for a game, even if you are more than capable......but the very last thing you do with Benitez is moan in the public press

    • psredspool...yeah I think it likely Agger will walk he has as I said been reported as saying that RB wont play him regularly and that for him he said was an untennable situation..he will probably buy out his contract come summer. In my opinion it would be a great loss for the club hes proven his ability, give him a contract and let the boy play ! Skrtl I think is a good workman but not the class act that Agger so obviously is.

    • I agree ok some people would not agree with everything Rafa does, but as a fan of the club you would not try to rip the club apart as some people on here seem intent on doing.

      I also believe they are rival fans not true Liverpool fans.

      And as for the Manure fans who keep coming on to the board to add their veiws, it's simply down to the fact we are pushing them now, they were on the Chelsea board last couple of years.

    • Well said Aces (and other supporting posts on this thread).

      Personally I put the negative viewpoints on here down to rival fans pretending to be Liverpool supporters. Coz a regular Liverpool supporter should be ecstatic that we're in a challenging position this year. Especially if they've been a fan from before the lean 90's era.

    • P&S,

      Another typical post from you, instead of attacking the contents of post which gets the debate going, you would rather attack the poster.

      So i put to you..

      Dispite all the turmoil and divsions at the club, bad buys, good buys, lack of talent through the academy, style of play or team selection, good manager or poor manger.

      what ever you want to say bad about the club. There is one thing can not be disputed:

      Liverpool for the first time in years have a chance of winning the premiership.

      Liverpool last League defeat at anfield was in Dec 07. 14 Months Ago!

      They are on the longest unbeaten run than any team in the premiership.

      From the nearly 40 games Liverpool have played this year: 1 defeat!

      Now correct me if i am wrong: This is a good thing is it not?

      Yes its easy to critise when we dont win, when we think we should or rafa makes to us looks like a crazy choice, but for a supposed Sh!it manger with Sh!t players:

      Things dont look to Sh!t to me.

    • Fair enough Colin and I take your point. We still see things differently but,as I said before, that doesn't matter. What do you think about the Agger situation. Reckon he'll walk?

    • Well, well - aces the over-analyser pops up from his chemistry set. As my latest post suggests aces YOU are yet another fence sitter like STEER who doesn't know which side of the MASSIVE divide to jump to!

      The FACT that the club is SO DIVIDED tells you all you need to know about WHY this manager and everything at the club bar a few players needs to be OVERHAULED.

      It wasn't like this in the glory days mate... trust me on that one!

    • If draw Liverpool have, there is always a knee Jerk reaction sack the manager etc, because of Rafa style of management.

      But i remember a couple of weeks ago, he played 442 with the players in the position the knockers called for and what did we get? A draw.

      Sometimes people forget that there are two sides playing in the game and that the other team just does not turn up expecting to get beat, they come with a plan to get a result and sometimes there plan works, no matter what team / formation Rafa plays.

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