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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Feb 8, 2009 06:27 Flag

    To the anti Rafa Brigade on here

    Got to say I'm really ashamed of you lot if you really are reds. While having an opinion about rafa different from mine is one thing, jumping on here before the final whistle of blown just to express your simple ideas is quite another.

    Anyone who thought Rafa would name his strongest team after most of those lads played 120 minutes just 3 days ago obviously shows you know little about sport, let alone football. Expecting peak performance with that little rest is just not possible.

    As for those ranting on why Torres did not start, sit down and think a minute will you. He came off early on Wednesday because he was obviously knackered. I could tell that, without the benefit of sports medicine that I'm sure the club employed this week. He's a couple weeks back from hamstring problems, so you really think its a good idea to play him from the start on a cold night after just a couple days rest? If it was a cup final maybe, but against Pompy, give it a rest.

    Now I'll admit the formation threw me. But for a crowd critical of Rafa for not employing attacking tactics, why do you hate the idea of a 3 man back line, and throwing bodies up front? I'm sure Rafa knowing how well Pompy has done lately it was worth the risk, and might help make up for the lack of spark in the midfield due to Gerrards abscense.

    As it turned out, not a bad call. The score in fact flattered Pompy. First goal was off-side. We again dominated the play, and had a perfectly good goal disallowed.

    Now if the anti reds want to rant, let me at least give you some ideas based on football, as I'll even admit we not perfect. Babel, looked lively, but puts himself in blind ally's to many times, and no need to mention the miss in front of goal. In fact reminded me of Keane on more than one occasion.

    Second, yet again we've been found lacking defending set plays. This is an area we need to work on. Its the most important weapon lesser teams have, and its our biggest weakness. I don't blame the zone marking, but an obvous lack of disipline, or maybe a lack of understanding of assignments. Eitherway, it needs to be addressed.

    Now feel free to blast if you like. But just remember, currently sitting top, and today was the type of performance that gives a side hope. They dug in, found character, and did what it takes to get 3 points. That is what championship sides do.


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    • 'Now I'll admit the formation threw me'
      Dsteer, you're a respectful poster and deserve it in return. But how many times this season can you say the above about one of Rafa's team selections? Or his substitutions? And yet to seem to dismiss it so easily without the slightest concern about how it might undermine our season.
      Fact is, more often than not he does things that simply baffle not just LFC fans, but pretty much everyone. Is there another manager in the league who would start a game with 6 defenders, 3 of them in midfield? It's nuts. Noone knows or understands what he's trying to do.
      Fans like you who back the team and the manager no matter what are to be respected. But to have a go at those who struggle to blindly accept the indecipherable is just a wee bit harsh. Maybe some fans care about HOW their team actually plays the game.
      I respect your stance. Hope you can do likewise to those who hold a slightly different view to yours.

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      • Bruce, I don't have a problem with those who've given up on Rafa. I don't agree, but its all about opinion here, and we've all got one, so fair enough.

        But, I came on here an hour after the final whistle and saw posts written, some before kick off, some during the match, and some at half time, most of which laid into Rafa with glee. What happend to getting behind the team when they play?

        Its one thing to see the wind up artists on here, but to see so called reds almost delight that rafa might have screwed up again, went just a little far for me. After the match, or down the pub fine, but never while the lads are still fighting the battle.

    • Well said.

      People also forget tha Rafa makes substitutions that win games more than any other manager in the Prem - and by a country mile too.

      And, when people [I mean the press and TV here] say that Torres saves Rafa on a number of occasions, maybe they shoud remember tha it was Rafa who signed Torres, an he signed him toscore important goals.

      Many of those who bang on about Torres 'saving' Rafa are the same people who also bang on about his bad signings. Well, you can't have it both ways.

      I saw an article last week that listed ALL Rafa's signings, and up to buying Torres, his biggest [most costly] signing was Alonso for £10.25M - not bad going, especially at a time when Chelski and ManUre were buying about ten players each costing between £15M and £30M.

      Most of Rafa's signings have been free transfers, and many of his buys have been moved on at a profit or at break-even.

      In Rafa we trust.

      Back the manager, the team, the club - AND ignore all these fakers who are on here as a wind-up, claiming to be Reds. That's what 'Ignore User' is for.


    • Who would I replace Benitez with...a WORLD CUP WINNING manager mate...BIG PHIL SCOLARI hes available right now ! Alternatively if we cant afford him then as Ive previously posted ...APPOINT SAMMY LEE now and let Gerrard work along side him and see inthe meantime if we can persuade King Kenny to come on board in some capacity.

    • You've really been a Liverpool fan for fifty years? Really???

      What's your justification for picking either Sammy or Scolari over Rafa? Neither have a great record at club level or in England so I'm dying to know why you are sure that they would be better than the current manager.

      Of course, you might just be a wind-up merchant Utd fan in disguise ... Isn't amazing how many are on these boards this year. Must be worried about something ...

    • Well hes either a wind up merchant or the most clueless liverpool fan ever. Scolari has been a flop, Sammy lasted 6 months with bolton before getting the boot, and you want 29 yr old gerrard to work alongside sammy hmm personally id prefer to see him concentrate on playing for the team for the next 5yrs

    • To aguycalledpa...No Im NOT a Manc...if u arent a fan of Sammy Lee then obviously u dont have much confidence in the man in charge when Rafa is suffering from kidney stone ailment. Gerrard ONLY twenty nine ? How old do u want someone to be before they can report back to the man in charge what they see happening down on the pitch ? I admit that Big Phil might not be everybodys choice right now and probably wouldnt be the man for the job so bit of frustration being expressed on my part mate...but I do like the kind of football he gets his sides playing and I DONT like the kind of football Benitez has us playing . I think unless u are simply a :nothing matters to me other than the results we get and the position we are in: person then u will also admit like me that the style or rather lack of style that we exhibit these days is dull to say the very least.
      What I would suggest is check out all of my previous posts and u will see my arguement is based in fact style v lack of style. I think many on this board among the IN RAFA WE TRUST BRIGADE are far too quick to simply react in a knee-jerk fashion to anybody who criticises the manager by suggesting they are Mancs or Chelski supporters rather than checking out previous posts of that person before hurling around their accusations. I have indeed been supporting the club for fifty five years and first attended on my uncles shoulders as a five year old so Im well steeped in the traditional rivalry between Manure and ourselves thankyou very much and consider it rather offensive to be refered to as a ...Manc ! YNWA

    • psredpool...check my last post headed :to aguycalledpa: Give me or probably u self five years the same start point and the same money RB has had to work with and Im sure we and thousands of others are capable of doing a better job.

    • Haha that musta hurt being called a manc eh zogs!!!

      Mate, with respect there is no point checking your posts as you've been saying the same f*cking thing here for months. Change the record and stop falling out with your fellow reds lad. A supporter of 50 years should know better.. that's NOT how we did things in the glory days old timer!

      Now get yourself on my new thread and start with a clean slate.

      Walk on.............

    • PAISLEY SHANKS...I think u are absolutely correct when u say Ive beensaying the same thing for months. Why ? Because mate the same problems that were evident to me last season are still evident. Our problem is the type of football we play , its necessary to speculate to accumulate ! EG TAKE A FEW RISKS...PLAY TO WIN !!! Not pull your two front men off and replace rthem with defenders when there are fifteen minutes left in the game and u have a 1.0 lead ??? THREE DRAWS only render the same amount of points as one win and two losses BUT TWO WINS AND ONE LOSS OUT OF THREE GAMES RENDERS DOUBLE THE POINTS TOTAL...get yer ed round that one sport.

    • Colin, the lads calling you a manc maybe going to far, and I understand that not all reds are also fans of Rafa. But, think you got to admit we've got a lot of non Liverpool fans on this board lately. Some are upfront on who they support, but we've also got a lot who hide their true club alligence, and are here just for the wind up, and a little attention.

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