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    LFC Academy - the SHOCKING truth!


    As usual, there has been a lot of hot air expelled on this ship of FOOLS board about the "great Liverpool youth team" and all the "great young talent" RAFA has assembled over the last five years at the academy just bursting to get into the first team squad.

    With this in mind, the proven elite footballing voice here, Yours truly, has been assembling the TRUE story of our so called "bright future"... and it's NOT pretty reading my minions of Muppetry...

    First, the TRUE figures

    Academy graduates from NORTH WEST Premier League clubs who have at least one league appearance to their name

    EVERTON -6
    Jack Rodwell
    Jose Baxter
    Leon Osman
    James Vaughan
    Tony Hibbert
    Victor Anichebe

    Micah Richards
    Nedum Onuoha
    Michael Johnson
    Daniel Sturridge

    Danny Welbeck
    Jonny Evans

    That's a big fat ZERO!

    TRULY disgusting isn't it!

    In fact, the ONLY LFC Academy graduate to gat a SNIFF of a game is former FA Youth Cup winning captain Stephen Darby, who came on for the injured slug Degen in the 4-2 Carling Cup defeat at Spurs with just six minutes left.

    A far cry from the days when Gerrard, Owen, Fowler, McManamon, Carra and Matteo all made such a distinguished bow into the LFC ranks!

    So, who is to blame for this embarrassing MESS? RAFA BENITEZ of course. Instead of giving the likes of Guthrie, Warnock, Darby and Hobbs a chance to break through... Pugwash brings in the likes of LUCAS, LETO, GONZALES, SISSOKO, PLESSIS and N'GOG straight into the first team and YOU lot accept it without so much as a PEEP!!!!!!!

    No wonder the great Steve Heighway RESIGNED after winning TWO FA Youth cups.. to be replaced by another useless Rafa signing (aided by Parry), so called "technical manager' Piet Hamberg, a Dutch idiot who word is will NOT be offered a new contract when it expires at seasons end!

    Kop-ites I I told you under RAFA that this club will be RUINED for years to come, and as usual the FACTS prove that i am RIGHT... Aren't I?


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    • Fortunately I have broad shoulders and your biggotry holds no water with me. oh and by the way Sideshow isnt an alter ego.....I dont need an alter ego, I dont need to conjure up many identities. I dont know who Sideshow is, but obviously we share similar points of view.

      I was quite pleased to see that you failed you to answer my question, namely that when Chelsea won the premiership under Mourinho, exactly how many of the first team were made up of Academy players........errrr just the one John Terry. The rest were imported.

      Infact as I read both of my posts on your self-proclaimed wisdom, it would seem that you either cant be bothered to answer or alternatively and more like, you would have to admit for a change that you are wrong and someone else is right.

      So oh legendary one, would you care to answer my questions and acknowledge that you've been found out or are you going to skulk in the corner, acknowledging that you've been found out.

      I wait your response with much anticipation.

    • Ahh it's pikey.. like a little runt puppy tugging at my trouser bottoms desperate for some attention.

      Frankly mate i don't have a lot of time to waste ion YOU. You hang on my every word then try to discredit me and FAIL every time while we true reds LAUGH at you and your alter ego Sideshow... who hasn't been seen since i pulled you up on that little tag team action going on here! Funny that.

      However, just to sum it up briefly before i banish you back to your basket, YES i want instant success ala Mourinho at Chelsea with a decent first team assembled immediately including the likes of Darby, Hobbs and Insua (the only rafa reserve i'd keep at present). THEN i want the academy rebuilt as i have so dilligently mapped out to the approval of ALL true LFC fans here. With the success already in place i then want academy/reserve team players blooded into the first team like days of old to continue this renewed dynasty. Like the one i grew up with but YOU didn't. Understand? MUPPET

      Now run along plastic and let the real fans like zoggo and myself talk football and LFC whilst fairweather posers like YOU just LISTEN and LEARN!

    • Hold on though wasnt your point about them being in the first team and did chelsea appear on your list......errrrr! tap tap tap is there anyone there.

    • I look at a lot of academy football and Man Utd have so many youngsters bursting through it's unreal the talent at Man utd's disposel coming from the academy is frightening just look at the Da Silva twins Evans,Gibson,Wellbeck,Peturcie,Machada,Brandao,Drinkwater,Chester there is to many to mention and i look at the Liverpool academy and there is very little coming through if any another team who have some great players coming through is West ham.

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      • Man, I'm not that familiar with the utd acedemy, so how many of those are really home grown? I mean, how many are local lads, compared to those bought from other clubs acedemies either in the UK or from abroad?

        I'll give plenty of credit to the acedemy class that included the likes or Beckham, Scholes, Gigges, etc, but really not sure how many since have been truely home grown, but then again as I said I'm not an expert on your youth team. On the other hand, clubs like Boro, West Ham, and even Everton do deserve some credit in develop youngsters themselves, rather than just poaching other clubs kiddies.

      • Indeed - and let's not forget Man CIty and EVERTON, who boast many youngsters of talent that actually were LIVERPOOL fans growing up. Under any other regime those lads would be at LFC!

    • An interesting analogy there steer but not quiet in the league of the legend... keep trying though!

      The answer is mate, i want BOTH. I want instant success under a proven winner like Mourinho who will assemble quality from the get go. I just marvelled at the man's breathtaking ability to make instant change DURING a game to turn it around. How many times did the special one play only three at the back to throw on another attacker to steal a game. Pure genius that you'd NEVER see from Fat Zorro.

      Then whilst the first team is tearing it up the academy and reserve legends are busy behind the scenes 'tending to the crops' bringing them on like Fergie has... THAT'S how you have the best of both worlds steer... oooo i can sense you drooling already... c'mon steer-oid admit it. Sounds good ------ doesn't it me old slaphead!!!

    • Sad to say you are indeed right. Although u have today accused me of :saying the same thing on this board for months: as I replied its only because so many of the as u put it MUPPETS out there seem to accept everything spoon fed to them by RB WITHOUT QUESTION ?!!! Also the same problem evident last season is still right there ! Our long term future looks bleak when u analyse what has really gone on at this great club since the arrival of Parry and RB...Sack these two incompetents and the future loks brighter irrespective of who takes over combine this with the fact that the greedy feuding Yanks will have no option but to sell soon and the future looks even brighter...u know yourself that RB will walk at the end of the season irrespective of its outcome to take over from Juan de Ramos at his beloved REAL , the place hes always wanted to be.

    • Got yourself a sticky fingered blue sharing the cube with you, or maybe just an alterego, eitherway, maybe I should not be to hard on you and your mouse.

      On the team recommended for the acedemy, no argument you've name top people. But to ship out the famer, and burn the growing crops, before harvest time might be a little rash.

      The simple point I need you to understand is while instant success (although ususally fleeting) can be achieved with money, it takes a long time to develop young talent. I recon 6-10 years from when a lad is recruited before he'd knocking on the door of the first team.

      So the question is do you want instant success, or do you want to grow something that can bring success to the club for a long time? Seems you can't have the first without a good dose of money, so you'd better talk with the Amrican's, and you can't have the latter without a little patience, whether its under Rafa or anyone else.

    • 'scuse me.........

      Instant success and Martin O'Neill dont go together....what has he won with Villa....only the hearts and minds of the press for his English team.....there are no recent trophies in the cabinet at Villa.....in fact you have to go back almost 30 years for the last time Villa won the first division. O'Neill joined Villa in 2006 and the trophy cabinet is still bare......

      As for Houllier, he got us to 2nd in 2001/02 then went gaga immediately dismantled a winning team, taking us to down to fifth in 02/03 20 points behind the eventually winners.

      Rafa is the bloke who has closed the gap from 37 points behind Chelsea to now being 5 points ahead of them thats a massive 42 point swing by my reckoning.......so it aint all that bad.

      As for the bigger picture, what is the bigger picture, you cant have Instant Success and promoting youth in through the Academy. Your examples are floored as Mourinho didnt manage it at Chelsea and he is the one you rightly laud as being an Instant Success manager - Terry was the only Youth product of Chelseas Premier League winning team under Mourinho, everyone else was shipped in from whatever corner of the globe.

      The only successful manager to win trophies and promote from the youth structure in the club is Ferguson who as we rightly now is celebrating 20+ years as manager of United. When Ferguson took over the reigns, he brought in some of his youth prodigies but it still took 5 years to win the Premiership with his Youth players in the team.

      So what would you rather have Instant Success or Bringing through the Youth from the Academy.

      Whichever you choose, you've left yourself somewhat exposed.

      Nite .x

    • So how about Dan Guthrie & Stephen Warnock? They both played in Liverpool's first team.

      It doesn't take much research to blow yet another one of your myths.

      Taxi for Captain Quack.

    • Great Post -- very Informative. rafa must Go

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