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    Club vs Country

    I had an interesting first time experience this week.

    Watching England play, from a bar in Germany and actually clapping the play of the Spanish opposition.

    Seeing Xabi join in with Xavi and Iniesta, totally dismantling our pedestrian midfield was a joy to behold. The artistry, the flair, the no look passes, round the corner flicks, dummies (like Carrick). Seeing Torres on the end of a lot of that as constant threat, and Arbeloa, and Reina coming on 2nd half, I was tempted to ask myself just who was I supporting? That has never happened to me.

    The problem is I love good football, and more importantly good, WINNING football. Not like Arsenal at the moment, where they have no spine, however still retain the ability to move the ball gracefully. But Football played as Spain played it.

    The question is asked on these boards orften, WHY don't we buy British. I think you saw it on Wednesday. Barry (18m), CArrick (Similar fee), LAmpard (2nd best player in the world once allegedly), Terry (Chelsea's heartbeat supposedly), Downing?, the list goes on. None of them have even 1/2 of the technical ability of players from other climes (I could use the Russian team, Croatia, and so on to prove this).

    To think we contemplated (I never) letting XAbi go to bring in BArry...what a great move that would have been. NOT.

    To me it proved the England are a completely uncompetitive side without our only three players that can technically compete with the continentals in Ferdinand, Gerrard and Rooney. However the Spanish side were such a unit, that they would have bypassed Stevie as well I'm sure, although he would have at least been able to play with Wayne and keep the ball on the occasions we had possession. Which the players we had on display we patently, and in my opinion considering the way we hype ourselves, shamfacedly unable to do. To think LAmpard is perhaps the highest paid player in the world.

    Thats why Chelsea are in such a mess!

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    • Great post mate

      i thought spain played effortlessly and won a comfortably without breaking a sweat.

      could things have been different if rooney, gerrard and ferdinand played. i think not. rooney who is supposed to be a predator in the striking department but has only scored a mere 6 goals in the league without being injured where as players such as torres scored 8 goals being injured for half the season and david villa who has scored something like 17 goals - nearly the same as man utds whole strikeforce put together.

      i think with the likes of alonso, xavi, iniesta and a fit fabregras would have put englands best midfield line up gerrard lampard barry et al under shade

      i would like to hear paisley and shankley's view regrading the game as he always harps on about how we should buy all these english players that would not even make it at squad level for other nations. if he can say still say that barry, guthrie, warnock are better than the likes of alonso, iniesta and xavi - then he is simply a windup merchant

      as far as the international seeding is concerened england is no longer top seed but 2nd seed. i think it was cheeky to ask for second cos we definitely belong at the highest 3rd seed.

      now some may say that it was only a friendly - and yes it was only a friendly - but what about the competitive qualifiers for euro 2008? absoulte disgrace is what i say

      to say that barry is better than alonso and that we nearly sold alonso for to buy barry is a complete joke. if barry is worth 18m then alonso is worth 25m. or does it mean that because barry is english there is an extra 10m premium

      i also think this will open a new debate. it was always said that the premiership is the hardest league. on wednesday night we saw the spain team with majority of the players who play in the la liga whereas in the england camp you had all the players except beckham who play in the premier league. the gulf in class was huge. it is the superiority of players from la liga that gave as a lesson in football.

    • I found myself conflicted in the same way.

      Just a quick note on the Xabi summer issue, most fans at that point would have been pleased to get some fresh blood in the team since it had looked like Xabi had lost his passion for football. Now I know he had a couple of injuries but he was basically shocking for two years. Its VERY good to see Xabi back on form and he's definitely been Liverpools player of the year so far and has been instrumental in us being in the position we are in atm.