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  • BOB H BOB H Feb 15, 2009 22:08 Flag

    Are you enjoying the...........

    Don't say the "Magic" word Rio will miss another dope test.

    He'll be out picking Mushrooms!.....

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    • Yawn Yawn

      Get back to dreaming Bob. If your lucky you might wake up to find Veronin back in your team!

      Ps Did you enjoy wayching the World Club Champions march on towards that elusive quintruple!!

      • 2 Replies to Fergies..Babes
      • PS....forgot to mention that you yourself have obviously got pshycological problems on a grand scale........our lad is Voronin..............Veron is in fact one of your megga signing blunders......for goodness sake dont get them mixed up again or you'll have the men in white coats a'knockin' at your door
        (are you still having nightmares about J.S Veron????????)

      • it was fun viewing to be quite honest......poor old Derby did at least expose your one enduring weakness.....your complete lack of sportsmanship.....all that chop wobbling from your very ref- respectful players and lots of red faced clucking from the scottish knight when the supposed second goal was dissallowed for a very clear offside ....in fact the eventual second goal should have been ruled out too as Je Sung Park was clearly interfeering with play, though the Ref was probably warned against this in case SAF had a seizure and mouth to mouth became necessary.....gosh who'ed be a St Johns Ambulence man in those circumstances. What price Man U in the football hall of Fame??????
        What a graceless bunch of coves they all are.