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  • Steve Steve Feb 23, 2009 04:49 Flag

    Rafa Contract Question.....

    Why is Rafa threatening to quit Liverpool when he still has over a year on his contract??....I don't understand whole concept of you were brought in for a length of time, suppose to meet objectives, but if we don't give you a new one before you're in your last year (which means we can't evaluate how the rest of this year goes) you're going to quit???

    to me - it sounds like he knows Liverpool aren't going to meet the goal of winning EPL (this has been going on for longer than just today remember), and he wants to be sure he is going to stay....it seems like a cheap way to bully the ownership into giving you what you want when you aren't delivering....if we were being successful and REALLY doing a good job then there shouldn't be anything wrong w/ negotiating at the start of next year and not when we're in the middle of trying to win the league...

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    • The otherside to this is waiting means he could be negotiating with a different ownership team. One way or anther the ownership issue will be addressed this summer when the loans come due. He may feel he can get a better deal from a single American owner, or a new regime if both end up selling up. Eitherway he has a contract so can wait out the Americans so why sign early?

    • Good point Steve and im not gonna ruin your post and take the piss but i will say the person who gives Rafa a new contract needs there head examining. Having less than a year left on your contract usually means that you are surplus to requirements or a liability. For example any signings would be pointless if the manager plans to leave at the end of the season.

      I also cant see him going to Madrid for one reason. Madrid have a history of playing attractive football, so why the hell would they want that tactically inept draw specialist Raffa.

      I wouldnt let him manage my sons under 7 side!

    • A good question I reckon but not sure why it's just aimed at Rafa.

      The vast majority of players and managers start contract extension talks with 18 months left. For managers, including Rafa, I think it has lots to do with the forward planning which goes with the job. How does any manager convince players to sign for them or to resign contracts if he may only be at the club for one more season? When Fergie announced his upcoming retirement a few years back it badly affected Utd's performances and only got resolved when he changed his mind. Same thing happened with Bobby Robson at Newcastle.

      I'm not party to the negotiations so have no position on who is to blame for the impasse. I don't blame Rafa or the club for trying to get the negoitiations done this early, but the resulting uncertainty has and will continue to affect the team until it is resolved. For my money, the club should either give him what he wants or make it clear that he is on his way asap.

      For my money, I think we have had our best season in years and have a young, talented squad that will continue to improve and challange in future years with Rafa at the helm.