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  • Ricky Y Ricky Y Feb 23, 2009 13:06 Flag

    Something is wrong with our training

    Something is very wrong at our training ground. Our lads had 2 weeks off from a EPL game (though some had country duties), yet where was the energy in yesterday's game? From kick off to the end of game, I only saw one person running, Kuyt! We were losing all the loose balls, did not command the midfield.....They played the first 10 minutes as if they were sleeping! WTF is going on at the training ground?

    Lucas is a lazy geezer, he was at fault in the City goal, he should have been more determined to stop Kompany, instead he just stood still and allowed Kompany to pass the ball to Bellamy. If you have videoed the game, look at that goal again and you will see my point!

    I don't care what you guys think, but in the summer, I want to see Dossena, Lucas and Babel DHL back to where they belong (i.e. 2nd division)

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    • to be honest Ricky I dont know why those 3 named are still being picked by Rafa.......they have had chance after chance and not come up with much at all. One of the few successes of Rafas weird selections for the Portsmouth game was seeing Fabio Aurillio in midfield.....yet only a late sub against City? Isnt Insua back from Argentina yet?? ......and if Rafa is trying to piss Dan Agger off he is really going the right way about it....and I think Agger is definitely one to hang on to, and I think he really wants to stay, but the manner of his treatment may force the lad out. I dont think the malaise is so much down to training but playing for Rafa to his instructions and the way things have now gone with any chance of lifting the EPL title dissapearing in the dust left by the Mancs....in fact I think we are now going to have our work cut out to even finish second 'cos Chelski look a rejuvinated outfit with Hiddink. Having got that off my chest I still think we have to bite the bullett and stick with Rafa till the end of the season....but after that...........

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      • Ronald agree with most of what u say BUT....
        major problems sometimes require radical solutions...eg get rid of Benitez NOW ! Appoint Sammy Lee now and lets just see if that Liverpool lad red to the core of his soul cant just inspire the same pride in wearing the shirt that he always showed...Its the way the squad is being coached by Benitez mate thats the real reason we arent getting the results we are capable of achieving...dull tactics negative
        :hold-position:strategy...the squad is talented and capable of much more attractive WINNING football played with Liverpool STYLE! GET RID OF BENITEZ NOW.