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  • colin colin Feb 24, 2009 01:39 Flag

    How much longer for a TITLE?

    PAISLEY-SHANKS...Tough I do go along with your view of Benitez I find I cant agree with your view that this is a dismal squad we have as I have posted many times on this site I believe that this is a talented squad , a verytalented squad which talent has been wasted nay abused by the catastrophic decision making of the manager and his inept tactics ...In general far too cautious plus playing people hes paid plenty for out of position isnt going to deliver the best performances from these players.Add to this his totally incomprehensible ideas where substitutions are concerned and voila u have the reason why we arent ten points clear of the Mancs instead of seven behind. Also we have the additional problem of his buying ...AND HE WANTS 100% CONTROL OF THIS PROGRAMME ???... Dosenya EIGHT MILLION ??? !!! Wed be lucky to get eight hundred thou back for this clumsy sod. He may not have been responsible for the purchase of Robbie Keane , a player he neve r gave a chance from day one of his arrival at the club but he sure as hell cant blame Parry for buying Dossenya.
    However we do have...REINA AURELIO AGGER SKRTEL MASCHERANO TORRES RIERA BABEL ALONSO plus CARRA and STEVIE G. plus out on loan NEMETH and JACK HOBBS...so in my opinion all quality versatile players so really all in all how much rebuilding do u really think we may have to do.