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  • Steve Steve Feb 26, 2009 23:11 Flag

    Torres Injury

    After deeming the next 2 EPL games to be the key to staying in the title hunt, Rafa has lost his only effective forward for most likely both games. This only highlights his mis-management of the Robbie Keane situation:

    -Got rid of a first class striker (yes in a slump, but better than Ngog or Kuyt when he's up front alone)
    -Did not bring in any talent w/ that 15 mil pounds to replace him.

    I understand not wanting to spend money on talent that isn't used much (if we keep one person up top), but everyone has said it - "what will Liverpool do if Torres goes down?"....so now we have to wait and see

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    • Torres is most likely just going to miss the next game.
      I haent heard many people asking "what will happen if torres goes down" probably because most people are aware that he was injured throughout large parts of the season already including the wins against united and chelsea