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  • Raaj Raaj Mar 1, 2009 07:06 Flag

    Do any/majority of the Liverpool fans agree....

    That Rafa REALLY has to go...??? Champions League and FA Cup aside we need a manager who can do well in BOTH champions league and the league, someone in the mould of Lippi, Hiddink, or Alex Ferguson, and the ONLY way Benitez would go is either he refuses the contract full stop. OR the majority of the LFC fans turn against him and start puttin the pressure, 2nd string side is not good enough, not enough strength in depth, no able deputies for Gerrard and Torres, playin Skirtel out of postion, when Caragher would do a perfectley fine job there, who the hell is N-GOG? And has Benitez noticed that VORONIN is on fire at the moment in the Bundesliga? This rate they'll be lucky to finish 4th IF anything...

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    • with u 100% RAAJ GOOD POST.

    • The thing is though that those that support Rafa are missing the point he blames the injury to torres for having a big impact on their season yet he should realise by sayin that he's playin into the hands of the one's who say Liverpool are only a 1 man team!...some say he can only do best with the resources he has, gettin Lucas, Dossena, and whoever else is not a neccessity, what are the chances that after the Sunderland win, now liverpool will flop in their next game, CAN ANY OF YOU that support Rafa, see the team on a winning streak to the end of the season? His tactics have been messed up lately, and so we need to bring in someone of the calibre of: RIJKAARD,VAN GAAL,etc, because Benitez right now doesn't know what he is doing case in point not bringing Voronin back and banking on NGOG to be a adequate replacement for Torres when he's got a looooong way to go.....

    • lol at the sad kn*b. Read the post you moron......!

      Oh and by the way check your highly knowledgeable sources and you will find out that I do not have an alter-ego or any other ID......i dont need two ids to post on here unlike some I could mention.

      Crawl away amoeba!

    • The 2 biggest mistakes made by LFC have been selling the club to 2 bloody yanks with no interest in LFC as a football club and 2nd selling Peter Crouch, if we had had Crouch against Stoke, Fulham Hull etc LFC would be still top of the league FACT!!!! oh and get off Rafa's back and support your team (thats if you are allegedly LFC supporters)

    • Bob, leave the little scousemouse blue nose alone. He just wants attention. Pity him or ignore him, but don't abuse, this is really all he has in life.

    • A guide to the PS posting formula:

      a) Insult LFC fans
      b) Self aggrandise
      d) Have a go at Rafa
      e) Praise the past

      Bev PS or whatever your name is. I can ignore what you write as just meaningless gibberish but what I cannot forgive is that you are so bloody predictable and dull. For that I fear you are now consigned to the ignore box in the sky.


      Bob B.

    • I don't agree. I'm gutted, not because its highly unlikely we can win the title, but the way in which its just drained away. I am beginning to think that Rafa might leave us over the summer, but to be honest I really think it will mean a step backward if he does go. It will be at least another season or more before a new manager has his team in place, that can execute his tactics. It maybe even longer if some of the players that have become the core of our squad also decide to move on when Rafa goes. Torres is key amongst them, but I'd also add Alonso, Masch, and Reina.

      I'd also wonder what Gerrard might do. A new manager, unless he comes with new owners with pockets full of money, will mean a re-building process. Stevie may think how long can I stay at a club, even Liverpool, if its always re-building but not challenging.

      Rafa is not perfect, and I have to blame some of what has happened this season on him. But I can't give him the full blame, like for players getting injured on international duty. Also, I just don't see who could come in and do much better at this point.

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      • Hey, on a positive note we are currently still on for a best points finish in the league for years, so we arn't doing as bad as a lot of people are saying.

        Personnally i'm split only on whether we should be taking this as an opportunity to blood some of the youth team that havn't had a decent crack at the whip yet (yes, that old subject returns to haunt us).

        e.g. Why play Skrtyl at right back when Darby is straining at the leash, why play Lucas the other week (with very low confidence) when we have Spearing (brimming with confidence), why fudge an attacking lineup together when we have Peccheo and Nemeth (sp?) amongst others. Fowler, Owen, Gerrard and Carra were all given a good chance at a young age and blossomed into International Class players....I think we should be helping them on to the next level in preparation for upcoming seasons.

      • Personally I think he will go in the summer because of the continued instability in the club......even now that Parry is going, gillett and hicks cant sort their lives out and all the time it makes the situation very difficult for whoever is managing the team.

        I cant imagine for one minute that any top class coach would come to Liverpool at the moment given the divided culture festering in the club.

        Can anyone see Mourinho taking the hotseat given the current climate. I dont think so.

      • But I can't give him the full blame, like for players getting injured on international duty. <--- This is a lame excuse! The manager's job is to manage...they need to foresee this kind of thing...and Rafa is just plain stupid to let Keane go. Eventhough he was shit, at least he can still provide some goals...nuff said.

      • I agree with everything you've just said. BUT I think its meaningless. He's gone by the end of the season, one way or another. All the noises out of Anfield and the body language, indicate that to me.

    • Yes Rafa has blown it at LFC and I hate to admit this but P&S & Jose were right..

      Unlike them I gave Rafa a fair chance. Rafa did go on record that he'd win the league in 5 yrs!! From taking over from Houllier well that 5 yrs is almost up and it looks like we're not gonna win the title so time Rafa did the honourable thing and resigned.

      So we can get a manager whose able to play attacking football when it calls for it and defensive when appropriate also to compete in all competitions including CL & EPL titles.

      Rafa is too predictable & his player selections are very dubious. Playing players out of position and inferior to players who'd do a better job in that role.

      Benyoun for example should'be played in the Middlesbrough match down the wing and Skrtel should've been in the centre of the defence as it was he was put on the opposite side he's comfortable with he couldn't deal with Downing.

      Kuyt was useless upfront so he should've played on the wing and Babel should've played striker.

      Lets get rid of Kuyt & buy Downing.

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      • I don't know about the majority. The majority here might agree with you. I don't. We've a CL campaign to finish, and a premier league to try and finish as high up as we can. I have already said that my opinion rightly or wrongly is that Rafa WILL leave at the end of the season. He won't be sacked, he'll leave. AND he'll blame boardroom politics, and the owners. So you'll all get your way fairly soon. I hope against hope that Torres, Mascherano, Agger, Alonso and co don't all follow him out of the door. BEcause those of you that are moaning now will see the team back down to the level where CL qualification is a distant dream, (especially with Platini changing the rules), and with our best hope of a trophy becoming the carling cup.......How you all seem to forget the 90's. LFC do NOT have a god given right to trophies. united are probably the best team in the WORLD right now, with the best manager, biggest squad and most money. Until we are in a new stadium, that won't change. Our resources are not the same. We are being as consistant as our resources allow, with teams like Chelsea and Man City in the marketplace, Villa backed by a billionaire willing to fund the team, and Arsenal with the gate receipts far in excess of ours. The lack of depth in our squad goes far beyond Rafa.....but hey lets sack him, make you all happy, and finish 5th this season more than likely with a CL exit a sure thing.

        Let me tell you one thing. Our next maneger will NOT be a better manager than Rafa.

    • RAFA OUT! get a campaign started. his signings, his man-management, his tactics all poor. We have no devine right to win the league, but its in our history to mount a proper decent challenge, show some metal. if rafa signs that 5 year contract, the club, our club will pay a heavy price in the years to come. Leeds Utd???

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      • Yeah, let’s start a Rafa out campaign because that is just what we need the team to be focusing on when we are through to the later stages of the CL and entering the critical run in to the end of the season. And lets boo the players we don’t like because that will help as well. Grow up for Christ’s sake.

        And Ajay, for someone who has been a LFC fan for 39 years, you might have fond memories of our glory period but you have total amnesia about the period from about 1992 up until when Rafa joined. Not only did we not win the EPL, we also hardly featured in Europe, even after the ban, other than the one UEFA win. I accept that we have still not one the EPL but we are now the most consistently successful team in Europe over the past 5 years. Hardly a justification for your comments that you have “never been more upset, embarrassed, disgruntled etc).

        Don’t get me wrong, I am as p**sed off as everyone else that the wheels have come off over the last few weeks, but just screaming for Rafa’s head is not the solution. A bit of perspective goes a long way.


        Bob B.

    • As a 39 year fan of LFC I have NEVER been more upset, embarrassed, disgruntled, angry, FUMING than I have this year.
      I have heard all the cr@P from the Rafa supporters about giving the guy time, look at how well we are doing this year, blah, blah, blah.
      The guy, and the back room boys whoever they may be, have had nearly 5 years to build something truly wonderful here at LFC on the back of the Houllier squads winning of the ECL in Istanbul.
      Well, look at how well we ARE doing right now.
      We WERE top.
      We HAD chances to wrap up the EPL.
      Before last night we HAD only lost one game, whilst beating our main opponents.
      We are now third and have to seriously be looking over our shoulders at Villa overtaking us although I would hope we are far enough ahead of Whinger's mob to be able to keep an ECL place for next year. I use hope, though because even that isn't really a sure thing anymore, is it? Look how quickly we dropped 7 (10 come midweek) points off United's tail?
      Look at our squad. Go on, seriously look at our squad. Who in that squad of 26 "players" would seriously get a look in at United, Chelsea or Arsenal? I can think of 3 - Torres, Gerrard and Alonso. Maybe Reina (instead of Cech? VanDerSaar?). Maybe Agger if he were ever played enough for us to really be able to judge his full abilities. Maybe Skertl would get a start at Villa. A younger Carra would probably figure but he is getting on a bit now.
      As for the rest?
      What about Masch, the captain of Argentina for goodness sake? He is a one dimensional player. He stops opponents, sometimes fairly. That is it. That is the sum total of his game. Look at the "stopper" at United or Chelsea. Carrick is a play maker, as is Mikel. They both get forward with purpose. Carrick even scores goals. How many goals has Masch scored? Ever?
      What about Riera? Cr@p lately.
      What about Arbeloa? Seriously? He can't cope in EPL.
      As for the rest?
      You tell me. I wouldn't play them in a second division team.
      Roll on end of season.
      Get rid of Rafa and all of the dead wood and start rebuilding from Torres/Gerrard/Alonso up.

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      • Your not a fan of LFC just another bloody whinger, its not Benitez fault its down to the lies and false promises that were made by the 2 yanks who never had any interest in LFC as a football club but just saw a chance of making money on the commercial market, if he had had the money promised for players at the start of the season he maybe have secured a top striker like Villa or Saviola instead of 2 or 3 medocre players that were signed instead. So stop being whinging Judas and get behind LFC (and by the way i'm a LFC supporter for 60 years and always will be)

      • All the banter joking aside...you lot could do a lot worse than David Moye's....yes the toffies would never forgive you...but i woulden't mind him at United..when Fergie Retires...like Fergie he's got that strong Scottish make,up,that wouldn't let anything bother him....a winner...

      • I'd say that the only decent players would Gerrard, Torres, Alonso, Aurelio, Skirtel if played in the right postion, Agger, Benayoun was showin decent form lately Kuyt is a hard worker let's not forget if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have been in the champions league, he just needs to play more and more in the striker's role that he is made for, Babel has turned the way he has because of the lack of starting matches and hardly getting a lookin as much as HE SHOULD the guy has talent but is being stopped to do so, Reira can be good on the wings, so he's been quite a decent aquistion compared to his City days...but the only way Rafa would go is if he doesn't resign his contract or the FANS take the intiative to get him to go, otherwise he could be there for another under-achieving 4 years, I don't what he did to get Valencia to win the league twice there but it sure ain't workin over here..