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  • arnoldlayne arnoldlayne Mar 1, 2009 20:48 Flag

    Do any/majority of the Liverpool fans agree....

    RAFA OUT! get a campaign started. his signings, his man-management, his tactics all poor. We have no devine right to win the league, but its in our history to mount a proper decent challenge, show some metal. if rafa signs that 5 year contract, the club, our club will pay a heavy price in the years to come. Leeds Utd???

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    • Yeah, let’s start a Rafa out campaign because that is just what we need the team to be focusing on when we are through to the later stages of the CL and entering the critical run in to the end of the season. And lets boo the players we don’t like because that will help as well. Grow up for Christ’s sake.

      And Ajay, for someone who has been a LFC fan for 39 years, you might have fond memories of our glory period but you have total amnesia about the period from about 1992 up until when Rafa joined. Not only did we not win the EPL, we also hardly featured in Europe, even after the ban, other than the one UEFA win. I accept that we have still not one the EPL but we are now the most consistently successful team in Europe over the past 5 years. Hardly a justification for your comments that you have “never been more upset, embarrassed, disgruntled etc).

      Don’t get me wrong, I am as p**sed off as everyone else that the wheels have come off over the last few weeks, but just screaming for Rafa’s head is not the solution. A bit of perspective goes a long way.


      Bob B.

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      • Bob B ...accept it mate there are an awful lot out there who DONT Have Faith in Rafa. I see u point about not getting behind the team, that I find imossible, I have toget behind the lads every game but I dont have to get behind Rafa and his incomprehensible team selections and bizarre substitution decisions and neither do any other fans of The Redmen if they dont choose to. A friend ofmine who has supported the team for over fifty years watched the Madrid game with me and sarcastically cracked :Well Benayoun was defo man of the match so that should ensure he doesnt start next match eh ?: No need for get rid of Rafa campaigns better to just do the deed get him down the road and see if we cant just get this Red machine back on the road again....APPOINT SAMMY LEE...NOW !!!

      • sorry fella, you seem as deluded as rafa. As I said, it is not about winning the title but mounting a serious challenge, showing that you (the manager & the players) have some fight, a real goal. As for your comments about Europe they are also very much in the vain of rafa. Europe is a bonus or at least it used to be. With 4th place getting into the european cup it has become less important to finish 1st. Rafa has proved this from the very beginning. The win against milan is long gone, leave it alone. As for suddenly screaming for rafa's head, I wanted him out last summer. He is not a manager to challenge for the title, let alone win it. As for a campaign disrupting the run-in, rubbish! Rafa has already disrupted the run-in by not just selling keane but not replacing him. Therefore putting all the pressure on Torres to get the goals and stay fit. Look at the big picture or this club will become an average mid-table side.

      • If we get a new manager in now as Chelsea have. Then he'll have the time to get used to the players. Then we slowly build a team ready for next season.

        If we wait until the end of the season to get someone in new then it'll be a rush job, for the new manager to get something sorted. Cos he'll have little time in sorting the mess Rafa made. This season is by all intents and purposes over in terms of winning any titles. You can thank Rafa for that. So Parry should leave now so should Rafa.