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  • arnoldlayne arnoldlayne Mar 1, 2009 22:48 Flag

    Do any/majority of the Liverpool fans agree....

    sorry fella, you seem as deluded as rafa. As I said, it is not about winning the title but mounting a serious challenge, showing that you (the manager & the players) have some fight, a real goal. As for your comments about Europe they are also very much in the vain of rafa. Europe is a bonus or at least it used to be. With 4th place getting into the european cup it has become less important to finish 1st. Rafa has proved this from the very beginning. The win against milan is long gone, leave it alone. As for suddenly screaming for rafa's head, I wanted him out last summer. He is not a manager to challenge for the title, let alone win it. As for a campaign disrupting the run-in, rubbish! Rafa has already disrupted the run-in by not just selling keane but not replacing him. Therefore putting all the pressure on Torres to get the goals and stay fit. Look at the big picture or this club will become an average mid-table side.

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    • Yeah Liverpool may have been getting into Europe more regularly than b4 these past few years but so have Arsenal for the past 11 yet at least they won the title more than once if I am correct in those 11 years! Even if they are one of the biggest flops in the champions league, something has to change and Benitez DID have an adequate replacement for Keane, he goes by the name of VORONIN and plays in the Bundesliga, scored 4 goals in 4 games so far, and looks to continue that form, yet benitez won't call him back anytime soon....and in the 5 years he's been there he has not learned from his mistakes, even Alan Hansen said it lastnight they just don't have a good enough 'B' team to do the work when the 'A' team can't...and he isn't about to change that attitude anytime soon, forget the premiership they've got a BIG fight just to stay in 2nd what with Chelsea coming into form....