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  • colin colin Mar 8, 2009 22:27 Flag

    Liverpool Football Club - THE SOLUTION!

    Bob B...Yeah glad there are some points we agree on. You though are The Statastician so, tell me did u work out just where we would be in EPL with the points system u suggest ?
    I spose it could be argued that RB would not have used such hopelessly negative tactics throughout most of the season had such a points system been in place ?
    Passion is what Mr Shankly imbued the players and the fans with and certainly a little more of that wouldnt go amiss me thinks.
    Its been a good debate and I think the posts from Pand S and Pombal have a real relevance as , certainly for me, they appear to be REAL fans with nothing but the best interests of our club at heart. Lets all leave the vitriolic stuff not to mention brain-dead stuff to the Mancs on this board. YNWA