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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 13, 2009 00:22 Flag

    Liverpool Football Club - THE SOLUTION!

    Oh look - my float is bobbing... but it's just a tiddler, the lesser spotted steer in fact.

    What are you waffling on about now steer? Who ever disputed our credentials in Europe MUPPET?

    YOU clearly stated on another thread that "Europe is our LIFEBLOOD". Bill Shankly so eloquently stated that the "the LEAGUE is our bread and butter" which condradicts YOUR ridiculous statement.

    I know which man my RESPECT goes to with regard to MY REDS dave.. and it's NOT a plastic pseudo-Yank from Brizzle who openly admitted a long time ago that he'd "love to take myself and my son for the first time to see Liverpool play at Anfield before the new ground is built".

    As i said steer, PINK and YELLOW inside mate.

    Jog on son you aren't in my league... just like Rafa isn't in Bob, Bill and King Kenny's.

    "Lucas must not be allowed to walk alone" dsteer hahahaha