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    Liverpool Football Club - THE SOLUTION!

    Right you bunch of MUPPETS

    Straight down to business today as i am SICK of reading the DRIVEL scribbled here by such BLIND, DEAF and DUMB KNUCKLE DRAGGERS as dsteer, freakshow, the two BOB bits (all they're worth) and a few other braindead MORONS who think they know it all but know sweet F*CK ALL, as another season of FAILURE has CLEARLY proven.

    "We need to keep Rafa" they squeak

    "Torres is the man" they drool

    "Skrtel, Babel and Kuyt are quality" they blather

    "It's this,it's that why we aren't winning the league" blah blah blah...

    Just SHUT your fat yaps and LISTEN to the proven top poster here who has CONSISTENTLY TOLD you that this manager, these players and these pathetic excuses for fans just aren't GOOD ENOUGH for LFC.

    The solution is though SIMPLE.

    You sack Beneathus NOW. He's done over finished. Champions League run? who cares ... "The league is our bread and butter" Bill Shankly

    You accept the owners are STAYING. They will bring in a business minded ceo to replace Parrot and start rolling in the corporate money befitting the most sucessful club in English football history.

    Once a new manager and ceo are in place you rebuild the academy and the ENTIRE coaching staff with former LFC legends.

    You get rid of all the garbage RAFA has ruined the club with and you bring in QUALITY.. you don't need to spend millions either, look at Villa and past Farcenal teams for PROOF of this. Also LOOK at the likes of Santa Cruz, Zaki and Vidic too see that you CAN find decent players at a reasonable price IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING (which fat zorro doesn't).

    In summation you take one step back to move FIVE forward.

    It's not rocket science... but than again YOU, yes YOU reading this are so STUPID and so PLASTIC you wouldn't know how to run a bath let alone a football club.

    And THAT is why i am the PROVEN superior elite footballing mind here... F-A-C-T.

    Discuss.. if you DARE!

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    • PAISLEY SHANKS agree with u on most points u make...certainly agree with getting RB down the road NOW !!!
      Once hes down the road agree with u idea of staffing the club with RED LEGENDS and reinstating The Boot Room system , it served us well as many on this board either seem to have forgotten or more likely NEVER knew.
      I disagree with u only where certain players abilities are concerned and feel that many IF played consistently in their natural positions would soon impress , unfortunately most have been played consistently by RB OUT of their natural positions.
      Do think we should however be ridding ourselves of the likes of NGOG AL ZHAR DOSSENYA ARBELOA and of course LUCAS.

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      • Colin,

        “Staff the club with red legends and reinstate the boot room.”

        Brilliant, and while we are about it why don’t we:

        - Forget about proper cool downs after the match, let’s all push off to the pub for 10 pints because that always worked in the 70’s.
        - Chew on a quarter orange at half time rather than all these namby, pamby isotonic drinks.
        - Stop buying foreign players altogether, we never needed them in the glory days (Scots and Welsh excepted of course).
        - Bring back proper, heavy duty leather balls, ideally with laces in them that leave a dirty great pattern across your forehead when you head them.
        - Stop worrying about endurance training, gets the players on a healthy diet of 40 cigs a day, it never did the old players any harm.
        - Make sure that shorts go down below the knees, the wanton exhibitionism of players showing their legs is just not on.
        - Bring back diphtheria, it was all the rage once.

        If what you were suggesting were not so ill considered it would be just as ludicrous as the above.

        Yours moving forward rather than just looking back,

        Bob B.

      • Not a bad post from you zogs. You are right, most of these plastics don't have a CLUE about the bootroom heritage mate. Some of these clowns actually STILL think Rafa is up there with Bob, Bill and Joe Fagan... can you believe that? haha

        One thing i will pull you up about though is Sammy Lee. Not good enough to manage us zogs. Good coach, great with the players and is a true LFC legend but his time at Bolton showed us he isn't good enough to take the reigns at Anfield.

        I'll tell you who is good enough though... DAVID MOYES. I would put money on Fergie wanting him to takeover at OT.... so let's get him first and p*ss off the bluenoses and Mancs!

    • Have to agree with you on most points there paisley except the owners. I think they need to sell up, take their profit and put the club in the hands of some of these arab billinares who can build the new stadium and bring in worldclass players. ynwa

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      • We all want Arab cash cows in oldtimer, i NEVER wanted the Yanks from day one remember, BUT it's a moot point because the club is their prime asset which Hicks in particular is using to finance a shedload of other business deals. Besides which, as the muppets here are too stupid to realise, it doesn't matter how much money you throw at a club if you don't have the right personnel in place to bring in the right players... ie Fat Zorro and Parrot.

        Walk on mate and just remember the good times 20+ years ago!

      • alright old timer, howz it goin la? though paisley is right about hicks n gillett not selling it would be ideal to get in new owners with mega cash but the Yanks seen intent on one or the other taking full control. moores has a lot to answer for, he's the one who stabbed the club in the back by choosing the yanks over the arabs. how can he sleep at night and still show up at the games knowing that he jibbed us like this? happy days ynwa

    • Did anybody notice how many goals VORONIN netted the other day in BUNDESLIGA ? ..... 3 !!! Seems we could use a striker of that calibre at the moment ...who made the decision to loan him out for the season ...couldnt have been RB could it ?

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      • Colin, your right I saw the highlights of the Berlin match last night, and he did look good. Its actually amazing that maybe some of the same voices who had a go at RB for bringing him in (even though he was free) felt we should have sold him halfway through last season, are now maybe thinking he should never had left. But mind you, of course it was RBs fault for signing him, letting him go, and if there are showers tomorrow, that will be RB's fault also.

      • Hi Colin,

        I have not worked it out as I would need to find out the winning margin for every match for every team this season and even I am not that much of a sad b*stard.

        I suspect we would actually do badly out of my system because we have just not scored enough goals to get bonus points. The only thing it might have helped us on is those games where we were one nil up, tried to sit on the result and ended up with a draw. If there was more of an incentive to score we might of pushed on but then who knows.

        Anyway, thoughts now turn to Tuesday so let's hope we can get the right result v Real.


        Bob B.

    • As usual, you are very adept at pointing out the problems, but you give no solution other than sack Rafa.

      Vidic (who we tried to buy) Santa Cruz and Zaki (both of whom who aren't having great season halves of the season by the way) play for other clubs.

      Who would you buy to solve the problems? And I will make it easy for you - you have an unlimited budget.

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      • LOL herpes there's no need to set up a whole new id to ask the same question you've asked me a thousand times before you muppet!

        Ridiculous to give me an "unlimited budget" too seeing as that is of no relevance to LFC whatsoever. However, i shall indulge you on this occasion with two P & S approved teams. One fantasy and one realistic.


        GK - Buffon

        RB - Sergio Ramos
        CB - Vidic
        CB - Terry
        LB - Lahm

        RW - Ribery
        CM - Kaka or Gerrard
        CM - Maxi Rodriguez
        LW - Robben

        S - Klose
        S - Villa or Messi


        GK - Buffon and Kaspar Schmeicel as understudy

        RB - M Richards or Stephen Darby
        CB - Agger
        CB - Jagielka
        LB - Warnock or Insua

        RW - Joe Cole or Maxi Rodriguez
        CM - Gerrard
        CM - Frings
        LW - Ashley Young

        S - Santa Cruz
        S - Villa or Agbonlahor

        As for manager Mourinho by a mile but after that O'Neill, Moyes or Jol :- )

        P & S - often imitated NEVER bettered

    • PAISLEY SHANKS...thing is Im not advocating that Sammy be given a permanent contract as new manager...what I am suggesting is that RB should be shown the door ...NOW ! Sammy is an able coach and I feel as good a caretaker for the rest of this season as we are likely to find right now...BUT as I said to Bob B...Who knows ? After all Mr Bill Shankly himself when he arrived at Anfield didnt exactly have the most impressive CV eh ?
      I think Bob B is unlikely to respond to my last post simply because its unlikely he can dig out stats to support any arguement hed like to make where my point about CV s and Juan de Ramos at Spurs and Mr Shankly at our own club are concerned. The Boot Room sucession philosophy served us well count how many trophies we accumulated during The Boot Room period . I iknow u are a supporter of the Boot Room mentality. It seems to be a trait in some newer fans they arrive as a result of their hearing of the clubs traditions then start to deride older fans for not :being like them: and :moving with the times: as though the past has no relevance to the present simply because as they say :the game has changed so much since then: ? My contention is that the game hasnt changed that much, yes its changed but its still players of flair rare ability that WIN games. For all the stats that Bob B is so keen to quote us who remembers all these stats two seasons from now...NOBODY not even Bob B ...WHAT WE ALL REMEMBER IS WHO CLAIMED THAT SEASONS TROPHIES....right ? Hopefully we will claim some of what is up for grabs next season...under new mangement of course.YNWA

    • Well talk about the same old drivel......should read your own posts once in a while.

      You're absolutely right Paisley.....I dont like Mourinho, and just out of interest if he shshhh at me at CC final didnt he shssh at you too....or werent you there.....probably not seeing as you live in the safe confines of your own ar*e.

      Mourinho wont bring exciting attacking football to Anfield.....and I ask the question again, what exactly did his team, the current league leaders of Serie A, produce against Man Utd last week.

      Beside, why would we want Mourinho when Rafa for the most part now has him in his pocket.....

      Once more in your turgid response, that focuses on belittling people with a far greater knowledge than you, you have failed to answer how Mourinho will provide you with your want which is a Premiership title playing attacking football......

      I'll wait with baited breath for your next insipid response, with all the anticipation of someone about to be excecuted......

      dream on muppet boy.

    • Hi Ronald,

      I might be wrong but I think I am picking up a small note of sarcasm in your post regarding changing the points system!

      I am normally pretty conservative (note small c) when it comes to changing the game, especially changes which have been made to appease the TV sky god (e.g. the creeping death of Premiership Saturday afternoon football). I am certainly against some of the ideas that would ‘americanise’ coverage such as more breaks in the game for commercials.

      However, where other sports have done things that have made the game more exciting we should at least have a look at them. These include:

      a) Changing the points system to encourage more attacking play, rather than have a system which encourages teams to score once then sit on the goal.
      b) Use a sin bin so that the player and their team suffer the immediate punishment following a serious offence, rather than the potential future loss of a player under the totting up system.
      c) Giving the referee the discretion to further penalise a player if there is dissent (e.g. move the ball 10 yards further forward if a player complains following a free kick award). This ‘respect’ campaign to protect the authority of the ref is a waste of bloody time so refs need an additional sanction to keep the players quiet.

      Nothing especially radical there and you will see I have stopped short of the use of TV footage in play as all that tends to do is break up the game.

      Anyway, let the rants commence!!!

      Live long and prosper.

      Bob B.

    • P&S, got to ask you, why the obsession with where I live and work. Your once again way off the mark, but your beggining to sound very much like another poster who obsessed with this same subject until he was hounded off the boards after posting what he thought was my address and phone number of someone with a similar name in Ohio.

      Are you maybe the same poster just wearing a different ID for posting? Or maybe I'm just becoming the white whale for you and your wind up merchant friends, and you just can't take it that what I post actually makes sense to at least some reds.

    • Colin, I did take a look at what Voronin is reported to have said to the press, and while he does not come out and say its Rafa's fault he did not succeed at Liverpool, its clear his not wanted to return has something to do with Rafa.

      But there maybe other reasons as well, some of which were well documented while he was on Merseyside, and include. Difficulty with the language, his wife not settling and wanting to return to Germany, and of couse the fact he did not actually perform on the pitch.

      But, even if the majority is down the Rafa's style, of being in your words, stubborn, I really don't see this as being a bad quality in a manager. I'm fairly sure both Wenger and SAF are singlar focused men, who quite fairly might also be considered subborn. Being a football manager is not all about making everyone happy, being the "nice guy" or winning popularity contests judged by your players. Being a football manager is about bending the will of players ego's to your way of thinking and getting them to do what you want on the pitch.

      For me the main critism of Rafa which I think is legitimate is what sometimes looks like the inability to motivate the players for the so called lesser games. Now maybe if he put his arm round a player it might help, but often the hairdryer technique is more effective. So if players who can't make it at Anfield think the manager was not very nice to them, I'm not sure that is such a bad thing.

    • Actually I don't believe I've ever posted where I actually live, although you and others seem to have a little too much desire to know for some strange reason. After the fool last year decided to try and post telephone numbers of people with the last name of Steer found on online telephone directories, it seemed wise to to give out that information.

      But if you think I work in the aircraft industry, why pick Sikorsky, why not Pratt and Whitney, why not Boeing, why not United Technology's. They also would be wrong, but your over developed need to know and then post personal comments really does amuse me.

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