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    Liverpool Football Club - THE SOLUTION!

    Right you bunch of MUPPETS

    Straight down to business today as i am SICK of reading the DRIVEL scribbled here by such BLIND, DEAF and DUMB KNUCKLE DRAGGERS as dsteer, freakshow, the two BOB bits (all they're worth) and a few other braindead MORONS who think they know it all but know sweet F*CK ALL, as another season of FAILURE has CLEARLY proven.

    "We need to keep Rafa" they squeak

    "Torres is the man" they drool

    "Skrtel, Babel and Kuyt are quality" they blather

    "It's this,it's that why we aren't winning the league" blah blah blah...

    Just SHUT your fat yaps and LISTEN to the proven top poster here who has CONSISTENTLY TOLD you that this manager, these players and these pathetic excuses for fans just aren't GOOD ENOUGH for LFC.

    The solution is though SIMPLE.

    You sack Beneathus NOW. He's done over finished. Champions League run? who cares ... "The league is our bread and butter" Bill Shankly

    You accept the owners are STAYING. They will bring in a business minded ceo to replace Parrot and start rolling in the corporate money befitting the most sucessful club in English football history.

    Once a new manager and ceo are in place you rebuild the academy and the ENTIRE coaching staff with former LFC legends.

    You get rid of all the garbage RAFA has ruined the club with and you bring in QUALITY.. you don't need to spend millions either, look at Villa and past Farcenal teams for PROOF of this. Also LOOK at the likes of Santa Cruz, Zaki and Vidic too see that you CAN find decent players at a reasonable price IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING (which fat zorro doesn't).

    In summation you take one step back to move FIVE forward.

    It's not rocket science... but than again YOU, yes YOU reading this are so STUPID and so PLASTIC you wouldn't know how to run a bath let alone a football club.

    And THAT is why i am the PROVEN superior elite footballing mind here... F-A-C-T.

    Discuss.. if you DARE!

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    • lol you say jump we say blow me you pathetic muppet.

    • Excellent post BobB. Put P&S in his place but I notice he took it as a compliment instead !!

      He's a troll ok but not as good as me......... har har

    • Ahh, that's right Taffy Bob - the newbie plastic... keep adding to the LEGEND.

      As you've already learned without me even telling you, I say JUMP....... and you say "how high".

      Keep answering to the Master you little fat Welsh f*cker. LOL

    • For some time I have been thinking that I know P & S and I have just worked out why. He is the grown up version of ‘that kid’ who we all remember from school.

      You know the one I mean, greasy hair, thick NHS glasses, over weight, acne riddled and with the all pervading stench of B.O. and stale urine. Every lesson break he would suffer the indignity of footy selection where we would all line up to be chosen for teams. One by one all the other lads would be picked until finally the team captain with the short straw would be left with ‘that kid’. His chronic asthma meant he could only ever go in goal, but the lack of mobility due to his obesity meant even that position was beyond him.

      Never the brightest, ‘that kid’ would try to make up for his ignorance and lack of sporting prowess with wild claims that he could never substantiate. You know the type of thing, “My dad’s a spy”, “I’m a black belt at Karate” or “I’ve f*cked loads of girls”. Little did he know that these self aggrandising rants just added further to the contempt with which he was viewed.

      As with many fat lads, ‘that kid’ would try to use his size to bully the smaller children, but as soon as they squared up to him he would back down and waddle off as fast as his chubby little legs would carry him.

      Wind forward a number of years to the present day and ‘that kid’ has grown in to P & S. Never achieving much, he stares from the window of his bedsit, empty pizza boxes and beer can strewn across the floor. His social ineptitude denies him access to normal human contact so for solace he turns to his PC, his only effective communication channel to the outside world.

      His desperate need to belong creates a fantasy world in his own mind where he honestly believes he is a respected part of the LFC community, while the internet provides all the information needed to make up for never having been to Anfield. The message boards become an extension to his psychosis where he begins to believe he is a “leader” and “master”. Little does he realise that these are just a continuation of the rants that we all laughed about behind his back all those years ago. And just as in the past when his attempts to bully led to his own loss of face, his currents bouts of vitriolic abuse usually end up with his own rapid back peddling and disappearance.

      My fellow board users, please do not judge P & S too harshly. Who knows, with better hygiene, a decent diet and more understanding class mates, his mental problems could have been avoided and he could have become a decent member of society. The fact that he has not is perhaps an indictment of us all, and perhaps now we should treat him rather more with pity than the contempt we all feel.

      So let me be the first to hope he gets well soon.


      Bob B.

    • no swearing, and minimal caps, I think you might be heading toward civil debate. Still got a ways to go, but maybe I should respond to reward your effort.

      But then again, you call me Pink, make fun of a father who'd love to take his son to Anfield before its replaced, and just has difficulty putting together a logical argument (of course Shanks said what he said, but he's not likely to talk about Europe before his successor triumphed in Europe. What do you believe in time machines or something?).

      No I think I'll pass on this one. But do please do keep trying.

    • Oh look - my float is bobbing... but it's just a tiddler, the lesser spotted steer in fact.

      What are you waffling on about now steer? Who ever disputed our credentials in Europe MUPPET?

      YOU clearly stated on another thread that "Europe is our LIFEBLOOD". Bill Shankly so eloquently stated that the "the LEAGUE is our bread and butter" which condradicts YOUR ridiculous statement.

      I know which man my RESPECT goes to with regard to MY REDS dave.. and it's NOT a plastic pseudo-Yank from Brizzle who openly admitted a long time ago that he'd "love to take myself and my son for the first time to see Liverpool play at Anfield before the new ground is built".

      As i said steer, PINK and YELLOW inside mate.

      Jog on son you aren't in my league... just like Rafa isn't in Bob, Bill and King Kenny's.

      "Lucas must not be allowed to walk alone" dsteer hahahaha


    • Best record in Europe of any British club. But maybe you were not around in 77, or 78, or 81, 84, or 05, or maybe you just were not then nor now actually a Red!

      Oh, so sorry, forgot I was supposed to stay above it. Please accept my humble applogy.

    • Don't insult my club by calling steer a RED son. He's more of a PINK........ and inside he's YELLOW.

      Agreed he is a laugh though isn't he.

      "Europe is our lifeblood". hahahahahahaha

      You can't buy it!

    • Typical red noses fighting among each other lol. Just like the club and owners. still gives us a good laugh at work and down the pub.


    • P&S, really I am terribly sorry, but I did promise to rise above, so really can't engage, at least until we can get to a level of civil converstation.

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