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    Liverpool Football Club - THE SOLUTION!

    Right you bunch of MUPPETS

    Straight down to business today as i am SICK of reading the DRIVEL scribbled here by such BLIND, DEAF and DUMB KNUCKLE DRAGGERS as dsteer, freakshow, the two BOB bits (all they're worth) and a few other braindead MORONS who think they know it all but know sweet F*CK ALL, as another season of FAILURE has CLEARLY proven.

    "We need to keep Rafa" they squeak

    "Torres is the man" they drool

    "Skrtel, Babel and Kuyt are quality" they blather

    "It's this,it's that why we aren't winning the league" blah blah blah...

    Just SHUT your fat yaps and LISTEN to the proven top poster here who has CONSISTENTLY TOLD you that this manager, these players and these pathetic excuses for fans just aren't GOOD ENOUGH for LFC.

    The solution is though SIMPLE.

    You sack Beneathus NOW. He's done over finished. Champions League run? who cares ... "The league is our bread and butter" Bill Shankly

    You accept the owners are STAYING. They will bring in a business minded ceo to replace Parrot and start rolling in the corporate money befitting the most sucessful club in English football history.

    Once a new manager and ceo are in place you rebuild the academy and the ENTIRE coaching staff with former LFC legends.

    You get rid of all the garbage RAFA has ruined the club with and you bring in QUALITY.. you don't need to spend millions either, look at Villa and past Farcenal teams for PROOF of this. Also LOOK at the likes of Santa Cruz, Zaki and Vidic too see that you CAN find decent players at a reasonable price IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING (which fat zorro doesn't).

    In summation you take one step back to move FIVE forward.

    It's not rocket science... but than again YOU, yes YOU reading this are so STUPID and so PLASTIC you wouldn't know how to run a bath let alone a football club.

    And THAT is why i am the PROVEN superior elite footballing mind here... F-A-C-T.

    Discuss.. if you DARE!

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    • Have to agree with you on most points there paisley except the owners. I think they need to sell up, take their profit and put the club in the hands of some of these arab billinares who can build the new stadium and bring in worldclass players. ynwa

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      • We all want Arab cash cows in oldtimer, i NEVER wanted the Yanks from day one remember, BUT it's a moot point because the club is their prime asset which Hicks in particular is using to finance a shedload of other business deals. Besides which, as the muppets here are too stupid to realise, it doesn't matter how much money you throw at a club if you don't have the right personnel in place to bring in the right players... ie Fat Zorro and Parrot.

        Walk on mate and just remember the good times 20+ years ago!

      • alright old timer, howz it goin la? though paisley is right about hicks n gillett not selling it would be ideal to get in new owners with mega cash but the Yanks seen intent on one or the other taking full control. moores has a lot to answer for, he's the one who stabbed the club in the back by choosing the yanks over the arabs. how can he sleep at night and still show up at the games knowing that he jibbed us like this? happy days ynwa

    • PAISLEY SHANKS agree with u on most points u make...certainly agree with getting RB down the road NOW !!!
      Once hes down the road agree with u idea of staffing the club with RED LEGENDS and reinstating The Boot Room system , it served us well as many on this board either seem to have forgotten or more likely NEVER knew.
      I disagree with u only where certain players abilities are concerned and feel that many IF played consistently in their natural positions would soon impress , unfortunately most have been played consistently by RB OUT of their natural positions.
      Do think we should however be ridding ourselves of the likes of NGOG AL ZHAR DOSSENYA ARBELOA and of course LUCAS.

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      • Colin,

        “Staff the club with red legends and reinstate the boot room.”

        Brilliant, and while we are about it why don’t we:

        - Forget about proper cool downs after the match, let’s all push off to the pub for 10 pints because that always worked in the 70’s.
        - Chew on a quarter orange at half time rather than all these namby, pamby isotonic drinks.
        - Stop buying foreign players altogether, we never needed them in the glory days (Scots and Welsh excepted of course).
        - Bring back proper, heavy duty leather balls, ideally with laces in them that leave a dirty great pattern across your forehead when you head them.
        - Stop worrying about endurance training, gets the players on a healthy diet of 40 cigs a day, it never did the old players any harm.
        - Make sure that shorts go down below the knees, the wanton exhibitionism of players showing their legs is just not on.
        - Bring back diphtheria, it was all the rage once.

        If what you were suggesting were not so ill considered it would be just as ludicrous as the above.

        Yours moving forward rather than just looking back,

        Bob B.

      • Not a bad post from you zogs. You are right, most of these plastics don't have a CLUE about the bootroom heritage mate. Some of these clowns actually STILL think Rafa is up there with Bob, Bill and Joe Fagan... can you believe that? haha

        One thing i will pull you up about though is Sammy Lee. Not good enough to manage us zogs. Good coach, great with the players and is a true LFC legend but his time at Bolton showed us he isn't good enough to take the reigns at Anfield.

        I'll tell you who is good enough though... DAVID MOYES. I would put money on Fergie wanting him to takeover at OT.... so let's get him first and p*ss off the bluenoses and Mancs!

    • As usual, you are very adept at pointing out the problems, but you give no solution other than sack Rafa.

      Vidic (who we tried to buy) Santa Cruz and Zaki (both of whom who aren't having great season halves of the season by the way) play for other clubs.

      Who would you buy to solve the problems? And I will make it easy for you - you have an unlimited budget.

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      • LOL herpes there's no need to set up a whole new id to ask the same question you've asked me a thousand times before you muppet!

        Ridiculous to give me an "unlimited budget" too seeing as that is of no relevance to LFC whatsoever. However, i shall indulge you on this occasion with two P & S approved teams. One fantasy and one realistic.


        GK - Buffon

        RB - Sergio Ramos
        CB - Vidic
        CB - Terry
        LB - Lahm

        RW - Ribery
        CM - Kaka or Gerrard
        CM - Maxi Rodriguez
        LW - Robben

        S - Klose
        S - Villa or Messi


        GK - Buffon and Kaspar Schmeicel as understudy

        RB - M Richards or Stephen Darby
        CB - Agger
        CB - Jagielka
        LB - Warnock or Insua

        RW - Joe Cole or Maxi Rodriguez
        CM - Gerrard
        CM - Frings
        LW - Ashley Young

        S - Santa Cruz
        S - Villa or Agbonlahor

        As for manager Mourinho by a mile but after that O'Neill, Moyes or Jol :- )

        P & S - often imitated NEVER bettered

    • Ahh Taffy Bob... nice to see you can still see my posts seeing as you have me on ignore. LOL

      Yes, i see a future for Insua at my club Taffy Bob, good left footers are hard to find so i will give the boy a chance to impress me further.

      As for your Torres question, it's simple. Though he is a decent yet flawed striker, the boy is BLIGHTED by injury problems and sadly is another Michael Owen. Injury prone players, especially those with dodgy hamstrings, never fulfill their promise and as this season has clearly PROVEN, Torres will never recover from this and will not lead us to the promised land. That's WHY there is no place for him in MY team Taffy Bob.

      Gabby on the other hand has power, pace and rarely gets injured and will link up superbly with Young as already shown by their chemistry at Villa.

      Keep learning from the Master son... like herpes, a year from now you'll REALISE just how visionary the P & S legend really is!

    • p.s. i've just seen that the subject heading is "The Solution".

      There won't be a quick fix, but in my opinion, unless we win the title this year, Rafa will need to look for another job, and we will need to spend some money getting in Mourinho. and if we can't get him, then draft in John Barnes, Peter Beardsley, King Kenny, Phil Thompson, Souness, and Kevin Keegan - all as joint managers.....and Robbie Fowler and Alan Hansen as attacking and defensive coaches.....that should do the trick.

    • Hahah - like the joint managers comment newbie. You put a lot of the old school so called 'fans' here to SHAME with knowledge and wisdom like that.

      P & S approved.

      While you make some good points in your two posts lad, your naviety of age somewhat betrays you in certain areas. No one player is the answer to our problems BUT the manager is, and as you correctly say the Special One is PROVEN to deliver... remember his record against Fergie is 5 wins 6 draws and only ONE loss!

      I've spoken of Rafa's complete DISASTER in the transfer market many times Rupe, but Crouch certainly wasn't a poor buy as HE rates alongside Warnock, Riise and Hamann as players who should still be at the club.

      I just don't get what these fickle fans see in Skretl either. He's not on the same level as Vidic, Terry or even Gallas so why is he good enough for LFC?

      Don't be fooled by Istanbul either lad. It was the playing genius of Stevie G and the team assembled by Houllier that won that trophy. Rafa's team LOST to Milan who were weaker second time around as well.

      Good posts though lad... keep reading and learning like the rest.

      Walk on.....

    • I guess fundamentally, we both agree on the fact that the Rafa needs to go....although there will always be differences of opinion on specific players - and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

      i can see what you say about crouch - he has his good days, and he also had his bad days - he was just so frustrating to watch sometimes, and probably because of his height and awkwardness, he often gave away silly fouls in promising attacking areas....wasn't too sad to see him go.

      i agree with you 100% about riise and, to a lesser extent, warnock - both players would be a welcome back to the club if i had anything to do with it....i mean, Dossena?!

      Srktel is a tricky one....he has the potential to be a top top player - and he has had some good games to date - but he is not quite there yet....i think he needs time - and if memory serves correctly, Vidic didn't exactly have the best of starts at OT....people were questioning him at first, and now look. i think its a bit too early to judge him P&S - especially since he is only coming back to full fitness after a pretty shocking knee injury earlier on in the season - but having said that, Rafa's transfer policy has been dodgy in the past, so wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be a duffer in 1/2 years.

      what is your opinion on agger?

      also, we may get a bit of stick in endorsing Mourinho as the next liverpool fc manager due to the previous rivalry and his association with chelsea....the way i see it, if he delivers the title, then who cares - plus, he has been on the record as saying that he respects the traditions and history of LFC, and it would be the sort of challenge that he would one day, be interested in....the truth is, i'm not sure we'll get him, as he seems happy at Inter, and may well one day, take over from Fergie or coach his national team.

    • Hahah - this has got to be one of the dumbest most PATHETIC posts i've ever seen... anyway let'a all wipe the tears (of LAUGHTER) away and deal with this plastic CLOWN shall we...

      "Lets face it Paisley MO'N or Moyes arent going to come to Liverpool" he squeaks

      Why not? Despite it's failings since Souness ruined the club, LFC is still one of the TOP jobs in football and is both a step up and a challenge that both Martin and David would relish. You know NOTHING pikey - ya clown.

      "Mourinho might, but you wont get what you wish for there" he squawks

      Listen tw*t, I want the same as any other TRUE fan, a league title and Jose delivered TWO off the bat and is the only manager to have Fergie in his pocket in the EPL as results have CLEARLY shown. Hence i WILL get what i want and the Special one will DELIVER it. THE PREMIERSHIP! Again, you know NOTHING.

      Then this CLASSIC "So why dont we bite the bullet and get SAF in"

      Hahah can you belief someone is DUMB enough to even suggest this? SAF is happy at United, he runs the whole club from top to bottom and is retiring from football shortly IDIOT!

      "who's going to fund it"... he then blabs

      The owners and the club revenues MORON. All this NONSENSE about LFC being skint is another poor excuse from losers like YOU pikey for our FAILURES.

      In reality. we have spent second only to Chelsea over the last five years, we blew nearly 50 MILLION on two strikers alone. Our debts are minor in comparison to Man U and Chelsea and despite the owners not being cash rich in comparison to Roman and the Citeh Arabs for example, they have funded us in the transfer market year on year as they said they would.

      It's your hero Rafa the slug that has f*cked us over by buying so much SH*T (the list is endless) and having the worst eye for talent since Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

      Now clear off into the corner Muppet until i summon you!

      "Bring in SAF" hahahaha - you can't buy it!

    • Jose delivered two of the bat with the help of some exceedingly deep pockets and flair for boring football. What is it that you said you wanted good old fashioned Attacking football......sorry mourinho no can do.......you only have to look back to last week to see exactly what Mourinho is capable of - absolutely f**k all in his own back yard, with the current leaders of Serie A......

      How many goals did they score against united, how many opportunities did they have to score......mmmmm lets think shall we.

      The bring in SAF comment was the sort of sarcastic bollox that you seem almost pre-programmed to impart. But given that you want attacking football and you want the premiership title.....Only one manager seems able to produce that (if you believe what the papers say).

      How did Mourinho have fergie in his pocket, ill tell you by stifling the opposition not by outscoring them in an exhibition of open flowing football.

      As for Moyes he wont do the dirty on Everton.....unlike you he has a bit of self respect. And Martin O'Neill wouldn't stand the pressure knowing that you were watching his every move.

      Bring on Paisley - I'll go toe to toe with you as long as you want.

    • "wasn't too sad to see him go."

      The TRUTH is lad we sure could use Crouchy now with keane and torres out of the picture. Bigger picture son. He scores goals and is awkward to mark. Not the complete player i grant you, BUT like Carew and Jan Koller, these awkward types are very hard to defend against. Should never have been sold.

      "Srktel is a tricky one"

      I see him as Vidic light i'm afraid, a poorer version and he has already shown us that he is injury prone too. As i keep saying though, BIGGER PICTURE. To compete with your rivals you HAVE to have parity or better in order to beat them. Martin just doesn't measure up against the likes of Vidic, Rio, Carvalho, Terry and Gallas for example and that is WHY we cannot get back to the highest level that us lifelong kop-ites are used to.

      what is your opinion on agger?

      I rate him highly and isn't it just a CLASSIC example of how bad a manager rafa is that he's now unhappy at the club and may leave because he's not getting games! TRULY ridiculous. No wonder the BIG boys are lurking in the shadows waiting to snap Agger up.

      "we may get a bit of stick in endorsing Mourinho as the next liverpool fc"

      That's the trouble with these plastic MUPPETS Rupe. The only reason they don't want Mourinho is because he told them to shut the f*ck up at the Carling Cup final. They also don't like the fact that the man tells it like it is and is a tactical genius and a WINNER. Somewhat akin to me. Remember though, most of the plebs on here are used to MEDIOCRITY and therefore accept it as the norm. That's WHY i have to slap them around like a red-headed step child see.

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