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  • This might seem a bit of an odd post given the cr*p we put up with on this board from all the knuckle dragging manc wind up merchants (genuine manc posters excepted), but the rationale is as follows:

    a) I will always support a British based team over a foreign team, even Chelski. This is not xenophobia, it is just I want to see our teams doing well.

    b) Continued success in Europe will continue to attract the best talent to these shores. I know there is a whole other debate about the effect of this on our home grown players but on balance I still feel the impact it positive.

    c) It will further wind up those gnomes at UEFA regarding the ascendency of the EPL.

    d) Man Utd are from the North West which I believe is the true home of English football, despite the mor*ns at the FA thinking the whole world revolves around London.

    e) I hope we progress to the final even though it means more games for the squad. If Man U did not progress it would take some of the pressure off their EPL run in.

    f) It gets us one step closer to the dream Liverpool & Man Utd final. A downer for whoever looses but for the winner…….

    So come on United and we will see you in Rome.


    Bob B.

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    • I would love to see a UNITED v l'pool final...as long as UTD...win10-0

    • cant wait bobby It was a great display by Liverpool Tuesday night. I would have to admit that they are a brilliant team when they play their hearts out. But the difference is United do that week in week out and Liverpool do not. That is the main difference with United and all other teams in Europe. They are an unstoppable force right now and I don't see any team standing a chance. Its going to be an interesting game to watch. I reckon 3-0 to Manchester United on Saturday. I was going to predict 3-1 but not with the strong Vidic in United's back four.

    • Nah mate, I was only putting that P&S pillock straight for calling me a wanker.

    • dogs was u talking to me in last post because i was in agreement with u and cant understand why liverpool fans would cheer for united

    • sorry guys i dont agree with use, imo i dont care about the other 3 teams, in the champions leauge only team i follow and wanna see is liverpool, i give credit where its due tho and the other teams played well and desirve to be in the next round but if they lost i wouldnt have lost any sleep over it Y.N.W.A

    • P & S,

      Boring and boorish as ever, well done!

      By the way, any news on substantiating your 96% claim or do you accept you have been proven wrong again? Tail between leg time for P & S on yet another thread.

      Toodle pip,

      Bob B.

    • I agree Taffy Bob you are a YAWN. A total Welsh BORE with your fat bald head stuck up your lying ying yang

      You're also a w@nker... welcome to my sh*t list poser. Didn't take you long did it cretin *grin*

      "35 years" pfft as if! Stick to rugger and growing leeks tosser... now run along until i summon you little lap dog.

    • P & S


      Toodle pip,

      Bob B.

    • I can see your point Bob, and to be honest while its very hard to cheer them on, there is a certain pride I felt last year with all 4 English clubs being in the quarters, and 3 in the semi's. If the draw ever lined up, I'd not be surprised if all 4 would make the semifinals, but sure UEFA would fix it to avoid that.

      Personally I'm hoping the match goes to penalties, or at least extra time. While either a downhearted Manc squad, or one facing many more matches would be fine to face on Saturday, a Manc squad with most of its big guns tired would be just fine with me, although I'm sure SAF would be complaining about fixtures again.

    • Hi Dogs,

      Fair point that a loss tonight might demoralise them but in practice I think that the match on Saturday will be a one off, with both teams pumped up to win irrespective of CL results.

      If we want to win the CL we have 5 more matches to play which, added to our EPL games, mean we have 15 games left. If Man U go out tonight they have just the 11 EPL games plus a possible 2 FA games. While I would back our first 11 against theirs, I do believe that they have a stronger squad. This being the case I do not want them to also have the advantage of less games to play in the EPL run in. Odd logic but what can you expect from a short, fat welshman.

      Believe me, come Saturday there will only be one team I'm supporting and it won't be united.


      Bob B.

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