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    Reality Check

    First of all Congratulations. Your team deservedly won today. Rarely seen Liverpool dismiss ManU in such a manner. To be honest the spirit Liverpool showed won them the game. It was obvious to see, you guys wanted to win more desperately than ManU.

    But I couldn't help but wonder, Liverpool are just an injury away from slipping up again. Every attacking move came through or ended with Torres and Gerrard. Without these two Liverpool is half the team. You undoubtedly have the best striker in the world. But your dependence on him could be your undoing in the long run. (I know what I am talking about we were over reliant on Henry.)

    The win has made the title race interesting but apart from humiliating ManU, I doubt it will have much effect on the final outcome.

    ManU have one game in hand and can afford to lose to us (Arsenal) and one more team and still be home comfortably with the title. While Liverpool has to win every match and hope ManU lose at least 3. Mathematically it is possible but practically that's highly unlikely.

    You guys have a good team with a couple of brilliant players. But Rafa simply doesn't have the nous to win the EPL. I believe Liverpool are more likely to win the CL than the EPL this season.

    And it wont be surprising Rafa concentrates on doing just that if your team does get further in the CL.

    You guys can savour the moment of joy, for you truly deserve it this time around. But beyond that this victory won't change much.

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    • didn't we beat you at anfield without gerrard and torres .gerrard came on in the last few minutes.

    • Well I can't see Man U not beating Fulham by some margin, so Man u WILL win the league this season, 9 wins for Rafa or not,9 wins will consolidate 2nd postion for us, and that's all Liverpool can hope for, the league is out of our hands, but United will not win the champions league this season, Inter could have knocked Man U out, had not been for poor finishing by adriano and ibrahimovic...more clinical finishing by BETTER strikers will knock out United, if Liverpool can floor them, what makes anyone think BAYERN and BARCA can't?

    • Hard to disagree with much your saying here, but really you've got great timing trying it on, on a day like today. Yes if both Gerrard and Torres go down we'll struggle. But that is true for almost every club. Even the Mancs or Chelsea who've spent the most and have the deepest quality squads in the prem. You take Rooney and Ronaldo away and you've got a very good team, but they'd have lost that edge. Don't believe me, take a look at the Mancs results back at the beginning of the season when just Ronaldo was out of commision.

      All teams have at least one, and they hope 2 or 3 players who really can't be replaced. These are the game changers, and while if they are out of action they are missed, when on the park they are the ones that can deliver a match.

      So forgive me if I bask in the glory that is the sublime combination of Torres and Gerrard. Yes they both could get injured (again), but today I think I'll look at that glass not just being half full, but after spanking the mancs, it looks very very full!

    • I agree with most of your post with the exception of your views on Rafa. Utd will win the league because they have the best squad. Example today - Fergie has the luxury of bringing 3 class players off the bench - Liverpool don't have the squad to do that when things are going wrong. That is the ultimate difference between the sides - Rafa needs to be able to buy a number of £20 -£30m players to compete consistently with Utd.

      That said - he's getting closer and closer with the budget limitations hes currently under and that has to be good news for the league as a whole.

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      • psredpool....the three players SAF subbed on in his triple substitution move cost them dear not only did the team completely lose shape they lost the plot into the bargain and the rout was on...So in this instance it was nothing to do with the depth of their squad rather it was to do with a completely incompetent SAF on the day...not that that takes anything away from our majestic performance a performance that so reminded me of the era of TOTAL FOOTBALL as practiced by the Dutch back in the era of the master Johan Cruuyf so PLEASE please Mr Benitez more of the same. I feel euphoric still today after yesterdays result 4.1 this result will be talked about for many years to come and so it should be !!!

      • Rafa would love to buy David Villa but that isn''t going to happen. Liverpool finances are in a big soup already and Rafa has spent a lot of money on players. One has to live within their means.

        Rafa has spent close to 80 M on players in the last two seasons. And that's a lot of money. Most of his transfers apart from Torres and Riera have been average players. That's his fault and he can't complain he doesn't have enough cash.

        Couldn't figure out why you spent 20 M on Keane and sold him for half the price half a season later. That is bad money management. And if that isn't splashing your cash around then don't know what is!

      • I did not say Liverpool were over reliant on anyone. I was praising the tactics , and said Torres is superb. Easily the best striker in the world, just my opinion. The result was as good as the result against Boro was bad. We have greater depth and more variety, Liverpool exposed a weakness. I think we were sloppy against Newcastle , Fulham and Inter, today our mistakes were punished. Just one of those games. Would i have taken being 4 points clear and a game in hand at this point of the season at the beginning of the season ? Of course. We were due a defeat. Our defence was due a mare after its superb performances this season.

    • Surprised anybody would try to pour water on that win. Over reliant ? maybe if a team spends all its time trying to mark Torres and Gerrard out of the game someone else will do the business. Seen as how Liverpool have despatched arguably the two most famous clubs in the world by scoring 4 goals against each within a few days, any comments other than praise are short of the mark.
      Well done Liverpool total respect.

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      • Rafa said if Torres had been fit their EPL challenge wouldn't have trailed off. That's an admission from the Liverpool manager they are reliant (in my opinion over dependent) on couple of players to win a campaign played over a year!

        The win is a tempering down for ManU who are still dreaming of winning the quintuple! They are still going to win a double though. This victory just augurs well for Liverpool's CL challenge. As they will fancy their chances against any side now. If someone takes care of Barcelona, Liverpool can win the CL this season. EPL is ManU's to lose.

    • I agree , United still have the upper hand ,but that was a fantastic result today ,forget mistakes pressure on the centre backs is tactical,That outcome keeps everyone on their toes and will do Liverpool the world of good for forthcoming games ,they are sill in with a shout more so than past seasons.