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    should we play Dossena on the left wing?

    He used to play there before going to left back.

    Dont get me wrong, he has looked awful all season, but his goal was a thing of beauty

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    • I was thinking a similar thing as he's had 2 cracking performances coming off the bench. I know a lot of people have been on his case this season, and personally while I think he has not lived up to what we need, I wondered if he had issue settling in. New country, new league, and new language can be hard. The the Spanish speaking lads I think its easier as their is a natural support at the club between Rafa, the coaches and the players to fall back on, but how many Italian speakers do we have at the club?

      But, even though I do hope for better from him, I think in midfield he's really only a back up, much like Riise before him. Remember the system we play does not require natural wingers, but wide support strikers. Riera was great when he came, but seems to have dipped a bit of late. Another thread addressed this. But if Babel can find the same form he had in midweek, between the two of them I think we've got strong options on the left.

      I agree with the comments about Insua as being a strong option on attack, but in my view, that is what Rafa wants from his full backs. Dossena has done well in this area, but has been left lacking defensivily. Aurellio for me has been our best full back all season. He's been solid in defense, but also got down field and provided some great balls into the box. But Aurellio is no youngster, and for me Insua is the future in that position. That leaves Dossena, if he can prove the last two matches are not flukes, but what he's capable of when he gets a bit of confidence, as the back up or utility player on the left side. Riise 2 if you like.

    • Labrat,

      I am becoming increasingly confused about what we should do on the left wing. Five or six weeks ago I was convinced that Riera was the solution as he seemed to be happy to run at players, could take the ball past and get in a half decent cross. However the last few performances, including Saturday, have looked a bit lack lustre, almost like his heart is not really it. Well if you cannot get up for the Manc game, what are you doing with the shirt on?

      Babel never looks as comfortable to me on the left as he should, and his tendency to cut in side to use his right foot suggests he is not that happy over there either.

      I am far from convinced about Dossena at left back. His pedigree would suggest he is good enough but I think he has not adjusted to the speed of the English game and sometimes looks distinctly sluggish. He has scored two in two which might suggest that he should be further forward but should this really be driven by the fact that he does not appear to be performing in his primary role.

      However, if we are going to take a left sided defender and try pushing them forward in to a more attacking role I would like to see us doing it with Insua. He is lightening fast, hard to tackle and for a defender shows real attacking intent. Needs to work on the final ball a bit but would probably be my choice if we cannot get Riera back on track.


      Bob B.

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      • Bob

        I agree with what you are saying about Insua, but i believe that we should try with what we have rather than buying in.

        Babbel has speed but is too predicable, Insua has the youthful aspect and unpredicability, which is good.

        Dossena, experience.

        Babbel and Reira have had a go, we should give the other two a go. If Dossena can show that 'touch' on a weekly basis and provide good crosses, we could save a bit of money.

        Failing that, who plays left wing for the liverpool youngsters??? Give him a go as well

    • Could be worth a try. Sam has done the same with Warnock.

      Some of crosses are a thing of beauty. Just ask Van der Sa about his lobbing ability !!