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    Robbie Keane SLAMS p*ss poor Rafa!


    Well firstly, I must say I am absolutely UNDERWHELMED upon my return to the boards by the lack of posts and genuine jubilation here after such an INCISIVE victory for our club over Manchester United. A win that rolled back the years for those of us who grew up watching this kind of scoreline on a weekly basis.

    Indeed it's almost embarrassing to read the LAUGHABLE diatribe of such plastic nobodies as dsteer, Bob H, newbie Bob B and the conjoined twins sharing half a brain pikey/sideshow. A DISGRACE to such a resounding week in the history of our once great club all of the aforementioned online parasites are.

    Now down to business,

    ROBBIE KEANE has spoken out today about the failings of Rafa as a manager and I have nothing but sympathy for the lad.

    Robbie eloquently states (uncensored version)

    "I do believe with a different manager it would have worked for me, but different managers have different methods and some have different ideas than those you are used to or believe in.

    "People have their own opinions of Benitez. He is a strange man who many at the club just cannot get along with. I have nothing against him personally so will leave people to make their own minds up about him."

    "When you've been around for a while as a player, all you want is a bit of respect and to be treated the way you feel you deserve to be."

    "I'm not the first to be unhappy with the way Rafa goes about his business and i'm sure i won't be the last, but I'm really happy to be back with a great manager like Harry and enjoying my football and scoring goals again so it all worked out for me in the end".

    Robbie joins other high profile LFC players such as Pennant, Crouch, Warnock, and even Gerrard in his book, to SLAM Rafa as a poor man manager who is CLUELESS about how to treat todays multi-millionaire superstars whilst his pet donkeys like Sissoko, Kuyt, Lucas and Babel can do no wrong in the fat man's beady little eyes.

    Many here have been typically BLINDED by two great results in amongst five years of FAILURE but just like Robbie Keane I see the truth and i stand by it with Keane and Gerrard by my side.

    Kop-ites, Rafa is another Ranieri. He is a nearly man who has taken us as far as he can and must be REPLACED at seasons end in order for us to fulfill our destiny as a truly great club, once again winning our bread and butter on a consistent basis. The way it USED to be.

    He won us a couple of battles. He has NEVER won us a war.

    Thank you Robbie Keane for speaking the TRUTH.

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    • I’m sorry I am officially dyslexic and as CoCo the Clown (P&S) would say a thick squadie......... P&S is oh so happy to point out typos and mistakes in other peoples posts. I’ll just pull one or two from The Leaders post (Ring Leader Head Clown CoCo AKA P&S)
      kop-ites.............. No capital it’s a name P&S so capital!
      "but the win vs Utd means NOTHING!" .............No capital at start too many at the end!
      Obverboard is this meant to be overboard?
      Lrgely I’m guessing here largely?
      Pkastic Yet another guess here is that plastic?
      Dyslexic people do not spot mistakes they make and when we read back what we have written in our mind it reads correctly.

      So P&S before you start to dish out your get some education speech and berate people for their so called lack of knowledge or use of English try to get your own house in order little boy!

      I’ll not insult the Kop by calling you a Kop-ite as I believe you are nothing more than a child with an axe to grind and an over ridding need to put people down to make yourself feel good. And the closest you’ve been to the Kop is a public house in Berkshire on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

      I truely am sorry for your troubles!

    • Paisley you really are a thick f*cker

    • Hahahahhahahaahhaaaaa!!!

      This clown is hilarious....

    • " Robbie eloquently states (uncensored version) "

      You w*nker, you mean the doctored version !!

      That's your credibility (what credibility I hear everyone shout) down the f*cking drain son.

      SLAP SLAP......now stay put!

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      • Lets get this straight. Robbie Keane was dross for us. A whinger when the ball didn't run for him (which was frequently because he got in poor positions) he was in no way an adequate back up to Torres.

        Could he have been given more of a chance yes....would it have cost us even more points...probably yes! Should Rafa have bought him...definitely NOT when you look at it. But again, he's cashed in before losing too much on the deal.

        Well Played Rafa!

    • Oh look the doom and gloom merchant return - took your time in preparing your latest rant......didnt see you around when theres good news to spread.

      Fickle Fooker

    • P & S,

      After 7 days wandering wounded in the wilderness, this petulant pile of predictable, plagiarised poo is the best you can come up with?

      Yawn to the power of ten.

      Toodle pip,

      Bob B.