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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 19, 2009 16:17 Flag

    Robbie Keane SLAMS p*ss poor Rafa!

    I’m sorry I am officially dyslexic and as CoCo the Clown (P&S) would say a thick squadie......... P&S is oh so happy to point out typos and mistakes in other peoples posts. I’ll just pull one or two from The Leaders post (Ring Leader Head Clown CoCo AKA P&S)
    kop-ites.............. No capital it’s a name P&S so capital!
    "but the win vs Utd means NOTHING!" .............No capital at start too many at the end!
    Obverboard is this meant to be overboard?
    Lrgely I’m guessing here largely?
    Pkastic Yet another guess here is that plastic?
    Dyslexic people do not spot mistakes they make and when we read back what we have written in our mind it reads correctly.

    So P&S before you start to dish out your get some education speech and berate people for their so called lack of knowledge or use of English try to get your own house in order little boy!

    I’ll not insult the Kop by calling you a Kop-ite as I believe you are nothing more than a child with an axe to grind and an over ridding need to put people down to make yourself feel good. And the closest you’ve been to the Kop is a public house in Berkshire on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

    I truely am sorry for your troubles!