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  • MichaelM MichaelM Mar 19, 2009 04:18 Flag

    Benitez Signs New Five Year Deal

    I'm over the moon that this saga has come to a close. I've always been behind Benitez, and I'm sure we'll go on from strength to strength!

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    • Please! Every poster that thumps your sorry ass is not me !!

      Not all that glitters is DOW66 son.

      ps my boy, I have been checking post history of some folks to try and work out who they are. Care to explain this shoddy thread?


      I know johng nomore (well he is after that thread!) got it spectacularly wrong but I will let him off as he did predict Keane would not work out, but you jumping on the bandwagon??

      Wave away muppet, we are all LAUGHING AT YOU !!

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      Drunken Sailor
      PhD Archaeology

    • The special one eh?
      I think as a man manager he is far better than Rafa, no arguments there.
      But one of your big criticisms of Rafa is his eye for talent. I ask what has Mourinho done to convince you he is so much better at spotting cheap young jewels and turning them into something great? Who of note did he bring into the youth set up at Chelsea to build for the future?
      I'm not convinced he would be the answer to all the problems you think Rafa brings to the club. He certainly doesn't deliver a much better attacking product that Rafa does.

    • I agree that this is good news...

      Despite having concerns about Rafa's ability to react quickly when his tactics in some games have left a lot to be desired (not the 'big' games - the bread & butter ones).. I believe the penny has finally dropped with him.

      This can only be viewed as a commitment by the owners to promoting a 'sense' of stability in the club. If anyone of us was constantly under the shadow of dismissal it would affect performance - forget the money he's on - it's all relative.

      Anyway, with Coco on his way in a few weeks and either (probably Gillett) of the owners selling up to a rich consortium in the near future I think the future is starting to look a lot brighter.

      I think we are only 2 or 3 'class' players away from having the sort of luxury the mancs have in terms of team selection and cover for injuries.

      With the CL money and another big wad from our PL placing this season we should have enough to buy the players we need.

      ..and if Rafa now has the control he insisted on (which I presume he has now he's signed) we can judge him fairly.

      Exciting times - roll on Friday and a dream draw against Man U.

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      • I am just working on a conspiracy theory here. Why all of a sudden the yanks decided to stick with Rafa? They are doing everything to make sure he sign, showing Parry the door, promising he will get his money in the summer to buy Barry (though he will cost next to none because he will be on a free transfer), soon we will see the yanks waving new attractive contracts to Torres, Agger, Alonso, Reina, etc. ...... I think there are something working behind the scene. Two possibilities:

        1) The yanks are in advance stage on talks re selling their shares to a Kuwaitii consortium, they want to make sure the club's biggest assets, i.e. players and manager, will remain intact.

        2) If the sale of their shares fell through, they need a back up plan to raise 300m in July. By pinning down key players with long contracts, they can squeeze more money out of the deal. Real Madrid is known to love to get Rafa to replace out-of-depth Ramos. In fact, there is a rumour around saying they will offer 100m pounds for Gerrard and Torres in the summer. How much do you think they will pay if they can get Reina, Gerrard, Alonso, Mascherano,Torres and Rafa as a bundle? 180-200m should not be too far off the mark!

        I just hope it would be scenerio (1) that will turn out, but I just don't trust the yanks with their sudden U-turn!

    • No need to hide under anothe ID dogs because i chewed you out earlier. F^ck me son you ought to know by now i'm on another plain to all these clowns you run rings around thanks to my guidance.

      In answer to your question though, because you best believe i am f^cking LIVID that Pugwash is staying, I won't need to wait five years under my first choice... the SPECIAL ONE.

      As i so astutely told you earlier, Rafa is another ranieri. And LOOK what happened there. A few tweaks and a whole new mentailty... and two back-to-back premierships were won.

      That's how you do it son. Now looking at the bigger picture Mourinho, O'Neil or another top top manager will go to OT and that's game over for another ten years.


    • Watch this board light up now with all the laughing Mancs. Bunch of braindead hyenas most of 'em!

    • Very good news. Even for those who've had some doubts about Rafa, this can only mean more stability for the club, and that is one thing we've not had much of. Lets hope there are no more distractions so all can focus on the last 9 league games, and the push toward Rome.

    • Great news that it is finally sorted. Need to get the ownership thing done & dusted now and try and get some stability into the club at long last.

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