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  • and they will till be talking about beatng the best. at least the fact they still gloating 5 days later shows how much of an achievement it was. thay had not beaten us for years and won both with us only having 10 men yet they think that makes then the best. lmao what cretins. they can win against us every season for all i care, let them have 6 points while we just keep stocking up the trophies. they beat the best and dont we know it, thats why they are still on about it. thanks for confirming what we all knew.

    so shut the fck up and try winning it then you will have achieved something. it was not a cup final and all you got was 3 points. means nowt if you dont win the damn thing, so win it then shout about it but until then, move on and get a life, its a new game this weekend, and dont fckin kill anyone when you win sod all again.

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