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    The missing pieces of the puzzle


    I've been neglecting this board I must confess after enjoying myself so much rubbing salt into the gaping wounds of the mancs on their boardthis week.

    Anyway, the mancs have been biting hard and sh^tting themselves when i mentioned that next season we will see David Villa signing on to play along side his mate Torres at Anfield.

    So i was thinking now that rafa has signed up and all the pieces are falling into place for us, what missing parts will complete the puzzle?

    I'm deadly serious about Villa. I believe Valencia are so in debt they have to sell their prize asset and with the promise of CL footy, all his spanish mates at the club, playing alongside his international strike partner (already proven to work) and playing for rafa he will come. What do you lot think and what else do we need to finally win the big prize again?

    For me two better wingers, some more squad depth and Villa will guarantee us a return to glory...


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    • I heard 20M plus the 12M we got on Keane, so 32M, so maybe the number you got was acually in dollars not stirling. But, Rafa also said he's had no conversations about budget or even talking about individual players, so mostly likely any number we hear is just press talk.

    • Someone said to me the transfer money available could be as high as £64m.. in the summer including clearouts.. in that figure..

    • Alan, using the term "crown" may have been a mistake, and I should have remembered most Mancs take everything literally, and are obsessed with only the prem as if football was never played before the 90's. I thought I was clear that I want to be crowned title winners again just like the many I saw in my youth.

      On the Darby thing, I'll defer to you. I was actually quite impressed with him in pre-season, and I can't remember but I think he was named to the CL squad with its restrictions on foreign players, at least the group phase. If he's ready to step up, like any other position where a youngster is pushing through, then that can only save us money in the transfer market.

      But, just looking at this season, especially where we had Skrtel then Masch filling in for the Boro match, it looks the most exposed position. Degen was supposed to a replacement for Finnan, but he's been a no show. So, unless either Degen is the real thing, but damn unlucky with the injuries, and or, Darby is ready for the first team, I think RB has to be on the priority list.

      I'm not saying we don't need another striker, and a proven goal scorer who does not mind playing second fiddle to Torres is what we need. N'Gog looks promising, and Babel might be worth throwing up there. We've also got a couple lads in the reserves in Pacheco, and Nemeth who might be staking their claim next season. So while I'd like to see a seasoned proffesional, I think we got some more options up front. Still a hight priority, just not as high as RB IMO.

    • I'm beginning to think you've got a little thing for me? Any chance you can let me know what ID you posted under before your current one. Its nice to know who your chatting with.

      Think I've already covered your questions, but let me summarize again.

      RB, Arbeloa is our recognized starter, and don't a great job, but we have, IMO, limited cover. Darby, who I have heard of, has not made a first team appearence since pre season. The fact we've thrown Carra, Masch, and Skrtel out of position to cover when Arbeloa has been out, and not gone with Darby, suggests Rafa does not think he's ready. I don't know enough about the lad to suggest Rafa has it wrong, so getting in a strong attack minded RB to compete with Arbeloa looks like the logical move.

      Dengen is Phillip Degen, excuse my not getting the lads name right. Think he's only started a couple cup matches this season, and spent the rest of the time in the treatment room. Based on the fact he's not been on the pitch, and even when he has, he's not really done much, not sure he's teh competition for RB we need.

      Hope this keeps you happy, and on the so called highjacking. Well asking to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle on a budget is not really highjacking. But if you think so, suggest your not quiet so sentative. Being that fragile can get your ego hurt on a message board.

    • yea, saw that report about 20M plus the proceed from Keane, so a total of 32M free money. We should not complain its more than most prem clubs get to go shopping, but its no where what Chelsea and the Mancs will have, which I expect will be north of 50M, and god knows what Man C will spend! But this re-enforces the point you've got to spend wisely when your on a budget, which can mean some compromises, and not just going for the so called best player at any cost.

    • Well, Villa is being touted to go to Barca atm so if that happens we might be able to get Eto'o for say £20mil. Then i'd look at getting Ribery (doing an excellant job atm) and might be around that same amount. I'm just taking a guess at the above. And i'd guess that Rafa would have much different ideas as i've mentioned elsewhere.

      Bring Darby in to cover for the Arbeloa slot and put up with everyone else.

      Just to burst your bubble on the fee we might be looking at 30mil (inclusive of the keane fee) which would b*lls our options up a bit as far as bringing in proven quality.

    • It has worked very well against Newcastle a couple of time for example...before they became relegation bait.

      I've always liked that formation but I would probably suggest using one of our left backs on the left wing instead of Babel who rarely tracks back to the extent of Kuyt.

      It also might need a fair amount of time in training to get used to the system.

    • " You can have him. "

      Not after he's had YOU little boy...har har !!

    • hahahaha, sideshow sinks to levels never seen before:-

      " We'll make some money on that deal. "

      hahahaha.....that's right folks, let's forget about winning the epl and RAKE IN THE MONEY. We made mega bucks on the Keane deal too.

      We either buy a proper quality striker to play alongside Torres or we don't buy one at all. Just the one striker is a MASSIVE risk you nimcumpoop.

      Man U have Berbatove, Tevez, Rooney and not to mention Ronaldo. Maybe that's why they are leading the table.

      Also, I do beleieve Voronin was bought during the final throes of the Torres deal you fool. He was the backup. Great backup.

      Our problem has been that of not scoring enough goals. It's goals that win matches Mr Striker. hahaha....but according to you JUST Torres is fine.

      FOOL !!

    • 'Do I understand how strikers operate'???

      I am a striker. So I think so. We bought Voronin because he was free as back up. At the time we bought him I think you'll find we hadn't even signed Torres? We'll make some money on that deal.

      Why Robbie Keane....I have no idea, and it wasn't my idea, or altogether Rafa;s allegedly.

      'Strikers need to play regularly to be effective' Well Torres hasn't been playing regularly due to injury....ask Sir Alex, Scolari, or Ramos if he has been effective. I think they'd say YES.

      Michael Owen....Injured, then 5 goals in 7, then injured then 7 goals in 9......I think he scores mostly when he plays.

      Now go to mummy and get her to wash your mouth out!

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