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  • navysealsrule navysealsrule Mar 27, 2009 06:04 Flag

    making the board a nicer place to be

    okay guys just to fill you in on whats been happening after the recent influx of fake ids and various comments aimed at certain member i have recently contacted yahoo direct about having a live moderator on each board to control such behaviour someone who can impose ip bans remove email privileges and so on heres the original email and there response

    Hello John,

    Thanks for writing to Yahoo! UKIE Customer Care.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your comments and experiences
    with us. We are always looking for ways to improve our service, and we
    consider your feedback a valuable resource.
    We appreciate your comments which we have forwarded to the Yahoo! Mail
    development team for review.

    If you would like, feel free to use the URL below to provide feedback
    directly to our product and development teams as well:

    If I may be of further help, please reply to this message and I will
    gladly assist you.

    Please let me know if you still need help.


    Customer Care - Yahoo! UK & Ireland

    Original Message Follows:

    hi just emailing to enquire as to why these boards do not a live
    moderator as such similar sites have, therefore making it impossible for
    these guys to cause harm and impose on the spot bans and using a three
    strike rule after which you automatically get an ip ban surely one
    senior member on each board would save yahoo time answering emails on
    every individual enquiry

    anyone else wanting to voice concerns can do by using the remarks and suggestions button at the bottom of the page


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    • got it sean havent you noticed how his messages have disappeared

      funny thing is so have jose pombals maybe the same people

      ps tried pinging that ip address earlier its dead

      obviously using non static ip addresses


    • consider it done


    • whatever you say worzel everthing you say is right you are of course the most brilliant poster on here you have everyones number of to a tea and we should all bow down to you as you are the new moderator you truly are one of lides mysteries how you manage to tie your shoe laces in the morning is beyond me now there is two ways we can do this you either stop the harrassment or i get the police involved simple we all know who you are and what you are

      this board aint yours not get used to fact

    • You are one sad little person, you must really be lacking something in your life.

    • point proven fred i know who you are and as i said laughing up there sleeves at you and needing to resort to petty insults you have shown that what i have written is true about you

      ps notice how all your so called friends jumped to your defence

      you are a joke on these boards and every fan knows it


    • "I don't know who you think I am paddy, but I've never had an avatar designed to annoy people,"

      Psst John, meet Butch aka Rik Reynolds whose only purpose here is to design avatars and posts to annoy people. Currently using all these different ID's

      Fred Trert
      Worzel Kipper
      Blues A
      The Incident
      Malaysian Plastic
      Dodge a clacker

      past ID's include
      Bonzai Butch
      Eric Cantona and many more.

      100 per cent behind all these fake ID's

      Avoid and ignore.

      Only the real SHADOW knows muhahahahaha

    • It certainly needs it on here sometimes and I know for a fact you don't see many of the good posters from last year on here anymore. FFS people want to talk football not have their thread highjacked by childish drivel.

      Not sure if anything will happen about it though, but its certainly worth a crack.

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      • I think you'll find if people are reported for things to Yahoo they are banned if it is found they are out of order ask RedBack oh you can't he's been banned........

        His Yahoo ID seems to of been taken from him, not seen him in weeks. Last post I seen of his was him bleating and crying about someone reporting him.

    • Hi John,

      Let us know how you get on. Yahoo believe in the ignore button but it is a load of bollix! There should be moderation. I mod a smallish local site with a few others (nothing to do with Yahoo) and it works pretty well.

      Given the tools, it is easy to root out the weeds

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      • Have u noticed that Yahoo and other chat operators have these TOS (Terms Of Service) rules claiming not to tollerate any rude, abusive behaviour between it's users?

        Well they clearly do tollerate by not doing anything about it. So they invent this Ignore button so they don't have to do any work to get rid of bad users.. AOL and others are juat as bad..

        They don't take into consideration that theirs vunerable people out there and their only respite is to come on here and chat because thats maybe thats all they have and the Message Boards provide some human contact.

        This might seem extreme what I'll say next..

        Lets assume theirs a room full of guns with live ammo in them with a bunch of people somewhere along the lines tempers can get frayed so whats to stop someone using one of those guns?

        My point being is that Yahoo created these message boards yet takes no responsibility what happens on them. Just like if I was the one who provided guns and people choose to kill someone with them that I too would deny or take any responsibility for what happens..

        Of course that's an extreme situtation. but the outcome is the same...

        Yahoo doesn't need to have a live moderator they simply have someone or a team of people checking on what is on their boards..

      • absolutely i will keep you all informed after all its for the better good