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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 7, 2009 18:19 Flag

    What's a good score on Wednesday night?

    As a Chelsea fan, I'd be very happy with the 1-1 draw we had last year.

    What's the minimum you lot would be happy with to be confident of going through?


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    • Nah i disagree dogs. I think for hiddink to get a player as good as essien to man mark gerrard was just about the biggest compliment a player can recieve, and as gerrard is one of the most in form midfielder in europe a very wise move.
      The commentators were completely wrong though to say it was a new tactic, loads of teams (including quite a few this year) have tried to man mark gerrard out of the game, the difference is essien was up to the job.
      Scolari for instance would have never have employed such "negative" counterattacking tactics , and thats why scolari would have lost them the game, and why he was sent packing.
      Very few managers (if any) have out done benitez in CL tactics, but unfortunately for us mate hiddink did

    • We'll see. We haven't beaten you yet. They seem to think it's all over. It isn't yet. But I'd rather be in our overall position in the three competitions we're still in than yours.

      As for the final CL positions, I stand by what I said when the quarter-final draw was made. If either Chelsea or Liverpool win it from this side of the draw then no-one could say they didn't deserve it.


    • O.K Tooth fairy,wel'l think about beating the little team's...on our way to another Prem....can you remember when you last won it,still in nappies....well done Chelscum...bought then back to reality...HAAAAAAA!

    • Bugger, I forgot about that.
      I saaume Lucas will be playing, big game for him then. Not that I am knocking Lucas, but it has always seemed to me, that there is a different solution to when Masch is absent. Thinking about the roles Masch performs -reads the attacks, breaks up play, strong tackle, helps control the center of the field, covers the wingbacks when they go forward, I can't think of anyone better to cover than Mr Dan Agger! He often looks like a midfielder when he brings the ball out of defense, and I daresay he actually has better distribution than Masch. Now Masch is better overall in that role, don't get me wrong, but Agger could certainly do the job, and do it well. I know it is important to play our youngsters, but for the must win games I can't help but wonder whether the fans would feel safer seeing Lucas or Agger on the team sheet tonight?

    • I'm off to the game,

      Heres to a big win....hopefully


    • and for the record Masch is suspended for the first leg tonight.

    • I agree that Ashley Cole is under-rated. He is often one of our best players in my opinion.

      Unfortunately for us, another of our best players this season has been Bosingwa and he is not playing tonight. Now we don't have a surfeit of inform wingers to choose from, as we did in recent years, Bosingwa has often given us more width in attack than anyone else this season. Without Bosingwa we have last year's problem of who plays in that position. Ferreira is injured. On Saturday it was Ivanovic. Perhaps tonight it will be Essien, as in the CL final last year.

      Finally, I hope the game isn't won by the referee as happened the last time we came to Anfield (if not the first time we came there in the CL).


    • Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea, which will force Chelsea to play an open game against Liverpool in the second leg.

      LFC Forever!

    • Very good Robert!

      But I need no reminders that Joe Cole is out for the season, it is just that whilst (Ashley) Cole is often given stick by the fans and general public alike (regarding his wife) people often forget what a pain he can be to the opposing team down the left flank. Thankfully we have two four central defenders who are good headers of the ball, so the threat from his crosses is diminished, but not gone. It is more that when I have seen him play, he is one of the few wingbacks who genuinely overlap with the winger and gets to the line regularly. Micah Richards likes to do this for City as well, but he doesn't have the final ball (yet) of Cole.
      ''Happily for us Drogba is reported fit to play. Hopefully, he has remembered Benitez insulting him before the semi last year" - And happily for us Jose is no longer manager. And Hopefully, he has lost the motivation many say he only had under Jose at Chelsea! - doubt it though.
      Essian v's Gerrard, Lampard V's Masch, Torres V's Terry, Drogba V's Carra - battles everywhere.

    • Hope Chelscum...stuff you!...

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