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  • bob b bob b Apr 15, 2009 04:44 Flag

    Oh well...

    ..at least we went out in style. Almost as many goals as drogba dives....that alone is an impressive acheivement , if there is such a thing as karma a real injury is heading his way.
    Great play from both teams , propper attacking football. It would have been amazing if we had done it but id prefer to go out like this then to a 0-0

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    • dont fancy chelski against barcelona - they were lucky tonight - they were just as poor in the second half and got lucky with the first goal and as far as the free kick is concerned well, if you fall over that many times in front of the box the law of average dictates that you are bound to score sooner or later. as for "they responded to a half time team talk" dont make me laugh ........... granted there were a couple of good goals in there but drogbas rolling back onto the pitch and then kicking the ball into the corner after a head injury were as disappointing as was his ability once again to stay on his feet .............. something obviously catching on with a number of other chelski players .........

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      • how were they lucky captblack, when they came out 2nd half and started playing they were too good for you, scored 3 and then took the foot off the gas, but still had an answer, it was more them letting you in, but when they upped it, you were not good enough. end of sunshine,

      • drogba was a hero or villain according to which team that you support...he can do so much when he wants to but unfortunately seems to fall too easily under minimal contact.I thought that we were gonna do the impossible but too many self inflicted mistakes undermined our cause.Great game for the neutrals,over 2 legs,Chelsea just about were the better team,the best that they've played for quite a while but I salute the liverpool players for giving it a real go tonight.I'd say that the winner of the Barcelona/Chelsea match must be considered favourites now with Barca being my choice.

    • Makes you wonder will they EVER win it again the champions league...

    • Hear hear