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  • I M I M Apr 17, 2009 23:33 Flag

    fergie's cracking up?

    Why has it taking big sham a week to say something about the so called gesture? He,s been slagging Rafa off for a few years-he got found out at a big club-the toon-and got the sack-just what he deserved!

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    • and the way Blackburn "played" - something "Big Sam" and all the other chirpers seem to be conveniently ignoring - could well see the big boy sacked yet again. Talk about not being at the races, Blackburn were never interested right from the kickoff.
      If I were "Big Sam" I'd be hiding in a corner somewhere hoping no-one challenged me on how totally cr@p my team were in that game. Talk about diversionary tactics.

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      • I had not thought of it that way, but you may have a point. Fergie would never give up a chance to take a swipe at Rafa, but I just could not understand what Big Sam's motivation could be but to help out his mate.

        But it is a great diversion tactic away from how poor Blackburn have become in a very short period of time. Its almost like he's saying "don't blame me, its the Spanish man Rafa's fault, he was making fun of me. That's why my team is such cr@p".

    • Fergie put him up to it no doubt. He's now calling in all his favours. Just look at the ref they've picked for the FA cup against Everton!

      Fergie needs HELP to take on Rafa...hahaha...love it, I love it :-)