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  • yeh u got major problems. half the time u struggle in attack & cant breakdown teams like stoke. but then when u play someone half decent u struggle in defence & leak goals in for fun.u will never win the league with rafa. either u settle for being mainly a champs league team or u get rid of rafe & bring in someone with title winning credintials

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    • you may have a point babe but ask yourself which team is finishing higher this year than last. Chelsea? Nope. Arsenal? Nope. Everton? Nope Liverpool? Yup. Roll on next season! This one is probably the Mancs for sure and they can´t finish higher!

    • Rafa has title winning credentials Spursbabe. He won the league title and the uefa cup with Valenicia before coming to Liverpool. Never win the league with Rafa?

      Why the continuous attacks on Rafa? I mean before Rafa came it was more than a decade since Liverpool won the title. Blaming him would be the easiest thing to do. It's probably fate or something else. It wasn't his fault Liverpool drew today. Blame Carragher ,
      blame Arbeloa or blame Arshavin for scoring 4 past Liverpool. It was Benitez's fault

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      • i ment premiership when i said title. look at ramos at spurs, its a different way of playing in spain & u can get away with sloppy defending & nicking 1-0 wins .but in the prem u need to have more than 1 good striker to win it. going definsive when u get a 1-0 lead away is asking for a draw which u have got plenty of.
        i have blamed your defence already. but i also think rafa has lost u around 10pts with his tactics this season. & also he has messed u up big time with only having 1 good striker.
        theres actually a good chance of chelsea catching u now.u are leaking goals in & can win nothing this season. chelsea are in the fa cup final, champs league semis & will be a pt behind u if they beat everton. i think they are in a much position than u. even if u beat them to 2nd who cares! 2nd or 3rd dont really matter- either u win it or u get into the champs league. i dont think in 10yrs time u will look back and think yes we finished ahead of chelsea & got 2nd that year.