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  • We seem to struggle a lot with corners. Tonight every one we took went straight to the goal keeper, and one punchout caught us flat-footed with no defence and Arsenal scored their 4th goal. I've never been a fan of short corners, which we also sem to take loads of. The team needs to spend plenty time on the practice pitch working corners and turning them into goals. It could cost us this season.
    Too many opportunities lost tonight.

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    • True Supered, but we are probably also one of the most attacking teams in the league these past weeks - at the expense it seems of giving up on defence. It´s the lack of defence that cost us tonight more than the missed opportunities - unless of course someone can equal Arshevin with four shots and four goals! Unlikely!

    • "Mourinho did the 1-0 quite well with Chelsea. Their only good striker was Drogba. Sheva was crap and Crespo got loaned out after not getting enough game time. "

      In Mourinho's three seasons at Chelsea Drogba had one outstanding season (the third). The previous two seasons he scored fewer goals than Lampard. When he and Crespo were both in the squad together they scored at about the same rate, partly due to Mourinho's tendency to play one or the other.

      Last season Drogba didn't contribute a huge amount. Nor the first half of this season. He is now playing as well as ever and no doubt you'll hope this continues through to the end of May.

      Mourinho's winning margins for Chelsea were by more than two goals on average. These repeated 1-0 wins are a bit of a myth when you look at the whole period. It's a bit like characterising Man Utd as winning 1-0 every week under Ferguson for the period earlier in the season when that's what they seemed to be doing.


    • It was extraordinary that Liverpool had twelve corners to Arsenal's none and yet Arsenal scored more goals from them!

      From an interested neutral's point of view one of the funniest things was Steven Gerrard trying to give it all a good spin. The smile he forced out was like a Gordon Brown attempt. And the "one point could be very important" begs the question of how important the other two could be. Very entertaining.


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      • It just got that bit harder - we now need utd to lose two games. I can't see that happening but Gerrard was right to say that the point was important - if we had lost we would have needed Utd to drop 7 points. We have a slim slim chance, it s not inconcievable that Utd lose twice, but it is very unlikely. Utd must play Arsenal yet, and that will not be easy for them if their defence is not in top form. What we must do in our remaining games is not only win - but win well. If we have any hope goal difference is a potentially massive factor, we must put teams to the sword when we have them on the ropes. But for better finishing we could have been away from Arsenal last night, and closed up shop with a comfortable lead. This also brings Chelsea right back into the race, and credit to them for keeping the pressure up, it is going to be a good run in.

    • This is one area where IMO we really miss Sami. He was a real threat in the air from corners, and neither Agger or Skrtel seem to be at that level yet. While we do have a few others who are decent in the air, it really only leaves Torres as the threat to really attack a corner. Therefore unless he gets a great jump on his marker we cannot take advantage.