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    Newcastle V Liverpool

    Any one got any predictions on this one?

    I've got big concerns about it !.

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    • ..so you're saying that Hughes and Bruce are going to throw the games ? - A bit disrespectful to your former 'heroes' - then again if you've bribed them enough :-)

    • howlfc1892 I'll tell you Ian Robert Harris passed his 11+ (pity it was when he was 35)
      he's probably done exactly as you said but you'll have to remind him when the time's up and he can be going back to be a non-dunce

    • howlfc has a brain like the loserscum trophy cabinet, EMPTY. city will roll over as sparky is ex united and loves us but hates dippers, brucie will also do the same and arsenal were smashed by us the other night and hold no threat, still would be nice to prolong the agony of you losing out, it will be so funny watching all the tears of the sign on brigade, kleenex will be well in demand in the next month in merseyside. pmsl

    • YEAH !! hOW ABOUT 3-0 !! LOL

      Well question is can we still beat Man Utd to the title?

      It's still possible isn't it?

    • Liverpool are gonna thrash newcastle 6-0.
      Come on u reds u can win the match

    • Anything less than a win would have to go down as the worst result of the season. Newcastle last night could of been out there another 90 mins and probably not scored. Pompy are hardly the attacking force that LFC can be and they showed the Newcastle defense to be so poor and devoid of confidence that Torres, Kuyt and co must be looking at this game and releshing the task ahead of them. I'm thinking 3 or 4-0 and that's being conservative. Saying that like most on here I'd take 1-0 and 3 points right now just to keep the pressure on Utd.

    • This match should be an almost automatic 3 points, but those are the type of matches we have to be wary of. Fact that Newcastle could not get the 3 points from Pompy last night makes them even more dangerous, as they will need to fight for every possible point they can get from here to the end.

      My theory on Newcastle is that the possibility of relegation has not hit them yet. You've got a bunch of over paid, and what should be considered quality, players who just don't think they should be in this position. They need the mentality of Fulham last year, or West Ham the year before that its a fight to the death. I thought AS coming on board would give them that realization, but if they don't get it soon they are doomed (if its not already too late). Lets just hope they don't have that mentality yet, or if they do, we have enough quality, strength, and most importantly self belief that we can take care of business.

    • 4-0 no problems in this one if we dont score at least 4 with gerrard in the team the mancs will start questioning how valuable a team member he really is after we have been free scoring in the last three games without him

      YNWA 96

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      • nah not 4-0 thats disrespecting newcastle it will be more like 2-1

      • I'm not so optimistic. A relegating mappie is as dangerous as a caged tiger.

        I still respect Owen, Martins and Viduka for their scoring abilities. Did Viduka score four goals for Leeds to beat us 4-3 several years ago? Also Duff, Butt and Guthrie are good players. It is unbelieveable for a good team like this to have come to such a stage. They will fight with their last ounce of spirit.

        On the other hand, Utd is away against M'boro. Southgate's men are in the similar position as Newcastle. Utd would not have an easy game either.

        If both the title and relegation are still open until the last game, Hull against Utd will be an exciting game. Then the game between LFC and Spurs will be good as well, since we lost to them twice this season.

    • i think Liverpool will win it 3 - 1

      Gerrard will be back as well, so i predict, Torres to put us 1-0 up at half time, Newcastle to equalise early in the second half, Gerrard to grab the lead for us in 75mins and Kuyt to secure all three points 85th minute.

      I also predict the Mancs will slip up against Borro, they seem to have a good record against Manure, and they are desperate for points right now, also Man U might be tired from the CL game with Arsenal, or even resting a few players.