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    Refereeing Academies/Clinics and Adoption of Video Technology

    Can Platini and Blatter make these their priorities? There is a SEVERE shortage of quality referees in the game today and it is about time UEFA and FIFA start focusing on important issues than going after successful leagues like the Premier League. Just like the Serie A now breaking off from Serie B, others will surely follow and eventually emulate and catch up to the success of the Premier League model. FIFA and UEFA should be more focused on what has become apparent to all football fans lately - the abysmal, almost COMICAL performances by referees in crucial games in high-profile tournaments. With these televised blunders showing up all over YouTube, the reputation of referees hard-earned by top blokes like Collina, is quickly going down the toilet. Why can't Platini and Blatter improve the academies/clinics for referees and allow them to use the assistance of video technology. The puritans argue about the "traditions" and "spririt" of the beautiful game, but I, for one, think the onus has to be on getting it right. There is no harm in using technology like video replays for incidents near or in the box, or for even implementing goal-line technology to determine whether the ball goes over the line. In my opinion, it does not tak anything away from the beautiful game. Just as long as it doesn't turn into the comical NFL games where it seems to be that more time is spent stopping the play and arsing around than actually playing "football" on the pitch. Your thoughts? I would be especially interested in hearing the argument AGAINST technology.

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