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  • seven of eleven seven of eleven May 18, 2009 01:54 Flag

    18 titles and thats a FACT

    At Least we hunt Glory...you hunt Failure....19 next year for United....getting boring...it's so easy...for..us....hey and guess what...we havent even played that well this year.....looking to arsenal to give us a run next year...

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    • Took you 19years to get even-we were on 18 in 1990!!!!

    • and there was me starting to think that you weren,t like the rest of the muppets that post crap on here

      i guess i was wrong you do know the only reason this joker has showed up on here is to get people to go and look at his blog which may i add is plagiarised from your very own board

      maybe you fag and wan should get together and plat each others hair

      you are a bunch of classless idiots who don,t know when enough is enough big deal you won the league were you playing in the team was wan was fag or any of the other wankers the answer is no so do us all a favour have your day celebrating then shut the fuck up