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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 May 20, 2009 02:38 Flag

    Gloating United Fans

    I'll be honest, I try to support the english clubs when they are in Europe, but always find it hard to cheer on Utd. So while I doubt I'll watch it live as I'll be traveling, I'll be hoping for a Barca result.

    But even if I get the result I want, I won't gloat, as your right, I don't see the point in taking pleasure in someone elses missfortune. As I've told you on other threads, while I have no problems with you lot having your fun since you were confirmed as champions, not all of it has been as you say "gloating about OUR club winning ". Some of it in my view has been about Liverpool losing. And, to me that is a bit sad as to be honest it takes something away from your own success, when its framed as the other guy loosing.

    Mind you, having said all that, it won't stop me maybe having a little fun with you over the summer depending on how the transfer market emerges. I won't gloat if the likes of Tevez or Ronaldo decide to move on, but it will be worth a bit of banter.!

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    • course you want barca to win dave, dont want us mancs making history again do you, as for going easy on the gloating steve, they are still harping about the 4-1 win at ot, but the day after we won the league, well that was going too far for them, so maybe the post should be if we win go easy on the gloating on this board, we wouldnt want to overdo it for months now would we......lol

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      • Lynden, I don't really care if you lot gloat or not. You won the prem, so you deserve a little time in the spotlight, I've got no problem with that. My only point on this topic was for me its a bit sad that some of the Utd supports define success more by seeing Liverpool lose, than Utd win. The pleasure is to see someone else fall, than yourself rise.

        If that is how they see the world then fair enough, its just not how I celebrated back in the late 70s and 80s, and I doubt its how I will celebrate when we pick up number 19 next season either.

        As for Rome, I would prefer to see Barca win. But if you do take it, I'm sure I'll congratulate you at some point, although I'll not be surprised if you do win to see a bunch on posts on here telling us how cr@p Liverpool are. Why god only knows, as it will be Barca you'll have to beat to win the CL, and you did not even face us in the competition, but that just seems to be how some of your fans like to celebrate.

    • Nice one Dave.