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  • Guru Guru May 20, 2009 04:32 Flag

    Gloating United Fans

    That's what rivalry is about is it not. Gloating when you do better than your closest rivals.

    Christ us Hammers have had to put up with it from Arsenal and Spurs for years and now we have Chelsea as well.

    It's alright if it is done in a mickey taking way but not if it gets personal.

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    • "It's alright if it is done in a mickey taking way but not if it gets personal"

      Agree with this Guru. Nothing wrong with a bit of justified crowing when the time is right, those who are really bothered by it should probably just ignore the perpetrators.

      Re your 'getting personal' comment, I think that also extends to tarring innocent LFC fans with the same brush as the known minority whose indiscretions are well known. I've seen many posts on here along the lines that this club is a ''cancer to football', the 'shame of Europe' with suggestions along the lines that all LFC fans are to be lumped in the same boat as those who were at Heysel in 85. Dare to take those jibes for what they suggest, and we are told it's all a joke on a message board! What a convenient way to vent your hatred.

      Generalising the status of this great club based on the indiscretions of a few is a statement that's beyond idiotic, and in my mind fueled by nothing more than blind hatred for the club.

      Justice for the 39 we are taunted with when some genuine LFC posters try to show respect for the loss of life at Hillsborough. Of course, those same LFC posters would be humane enough to acknowledge Heysel as an equal tragedy, instigated by LFC fans. What's that got to do with the original sentiment though?

      Some people will just never let sleeping dogs lie. There are people like that on both sides though, I can't help but feel sorry for them.