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  • I won't be gloating. generally I too always support the english sides, although I have a soft spot for the way barca play, mainly for Iniesta, Messi and Xavi really, but I have always admired the play of Henry too. I have to admit that my dislike of Chelsea, and their arrogance, had me screaming for joy when Iniesta scored at the Bridge. As for the united game, I have also in the past admired the way Fergie's teams play, last season the pattern of play was breathtaking at times. This season despite winning he league, for me, the United style has changed to be much more reliant on defensive stability. So on Wednesday, I'll be rooting for a really really good game, with ups, downs and an emotional rollercoaster. I won't feel any disappointment if United won, but I wouldn't feel any joy either. Truth told I'd probably rather Barca won......that arrogant Ronaldo winker is winning far more medals than a greasy sunbed idolising gayboy really should!

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