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  • Red_Till_Im_Dead Red_Till_Im_Dead May 20, 2009 01:46 Flag

    Gloating United Fans

    To all the Liverpool fans who find it distasteful for us to gloat at winning the league we are in the 3rd European Cup final in 10 years next Wednesday and obviously I want United to win.

    But the point of my post is if we get beat by Barcelona then remember not to gloat at United's misfortune should that happen.

    Gloating then that would be far worse, why?
    Because at least we are gloating about OUR club winning not someone else's club losing..

    But personally I think we will do OK in Rome, but just in case remember you guys have condemned gloating. And surely gloating about United's misfortune would be far worse than us celebrating our success.

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    • I'm just finding it funny that they are JUST on here, not on the Chelsea board.

      I suppose third isn't that much of a threat after all. ;oD

    • i can honestly say i wont be any near the united board gloating if you lose

      and thats a fact

      as i like to see the english team do well in europe but can united fans say the same about our board

      especially the one thread wonders they know who they are i call them glory hunters

      so lets see who shows there true colours once again i bet i could post the name of the top ten posters come monday if united win

      any way good luck

      YNWA 96

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      • I won't be gloating. generally I too always support the english sides, although I have a soft spot for the way barca play, mainly for Iniesta, Messi and Xavi really, but I have always admired the play of Henry too. I have to admit that my dislike of Chelsea, and their arrogance, had me screaming for joy when Iniesta scored at the Bridge. As for the united game, I have also in the past admired the way Fergie's teams play, last season the pattern of play was breathtaking at times. This season despite winning he league, for me, the United style has changed to be much more reliant on defensive stability. So on Wednesday, I'll be rooting for a really really good game, with ups, downs and an emotional rollercoaster. I won't feel any disappointment if United won, but I wouldn't feel any joy either. Truth told I'd probably rather Barca won......that arrogant Ronaldo winker is winning far more medals than a greasy sunbed idolising gayboy really should!

    • That's what rivalry is about is it not. Gloating when you do better than your closest rivals.

      Christ us Hammers have had to put up with it from Arsenal and Spurs for years and now we have Chelsea as well.

      It's alright if it is done in a mickey taking way but not if it gets personal.

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      • "It's alright if it is done in a mickey taking way but not if it gets personal"

        Agree with this Guru. Nothing wrong with a bit of justified crowing when the time is right, those who are really bothered by it should probably just ignore the perpetrators.

        Re your 'getting personal' comment, I think that also extends to tarring innocent LFC fans with the same brush as the known minority whose indiscretions are well known. I've seen many posts on here along the lines that this club is a ''cancer to football', the 'shame of Europe' with suggestions along the lines that all LFC fans are to be lumped in the same boat as those who were at Heysel in 85. Dare to take those jibes for what they suggest, and we are told it's all a joke on a message board! What a convenient way to vent your hatred.

        Generalising the status of this great club based on the indiscretions of a few is a statement that's beyond idiotic, and in my mind fueled by nothing more than blind hatred for the club.

        Justice for the 39 we are taunted with when some genuine LFC posters try to show respect for the loss of life at Hillsborough. Of course, those same LFC posters would be humane enough to acknowledge Heysel as an equal tragedy, instigated by LFC fans. What's that got to do with the original sentiment though?

        Some people will just never let sleeping dogs lie. There are people like that on both sides though, I can't help but feel sorry for them.

    • I'll be honest, I try to support the english clubs when they are in Europe, but always find it hard to cheer on Utd. So while I doubt I'll watch it live as I'll be traveling, I'll be hoping for a Barca result.

      But even if I get the result I want, I won't gloat, as your right, I don't see the point in taking pleasure in someone elses missfortune. As I've told you on other threads, while I have no problems with you lot having your fun since you were confirmed as champions, not all of it has been as you say "gloating about OUR club winning ". Some of it in my view has been about Liverpool losing. And, to me that is a bit sad as to be honest it takes something away from your own success, when its framed as the other guy loosing.

      Mind you, having said all that, it won't stop me maybe having a little fun with you over the summer depending on how the transfer market emerges. I won't gloat if the likes of Tevez or Ronaldo decide to move on, but it will be worth a bit of banter.!

    • Steve,

      You sound a little worried, getting your defence in first? Given the volume of cr@p we have had to put up with from mancs over the past few days (weeks, months etc) on this board, I think you are being a bit optimistic.

      I am sure LFC fans will show the same level of respect as the mancs did after we lost to Chelsea. Read in to that what you will!!!

      Bob B.